Pulsar Quartz Terp Pearls
Pulsar Quartz Terp Pearls

Pulsar Quartz Terp Pearls

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Pulsar Terp Pearls

Elevate your dabbing game with some terp pearls

A convenient way to upgrade your banger so it delivers the same thermal properties and lasting quality of a more expensive piece, these Terp Pearls have been specifically designed to draw out maximum terpenes from your concentrates. Get intensely tasty draws however you dab; even if you love vaping large globs at low temperatures.

Keep the pearls inside your banger while torching and get them spinning with a Directional Airflow Carb Cap so they can get to doing what they do best: evenly dispersing your concentrates at their ideal dabbing temperatures for purer, cooler, smoother, tastier and more potent draws.


Come in a pack of 2