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Gear Premium Rigs

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Gear Dab Rigs

Etherial Dual Chamber: Achieve etherial highs and take your smoking experience to the next level with the GEAR Premium® Etherial Dual Chamber Concentrate Bubbler. The dual-chambered design uses a pair of showerhead and UFO percs to provide premium filtration, while the 100% borosilicate glass material means that your bubbler is built to last.

Uptake Recycler: The exquisite Dual Uptake Concentrate Recycler from GEAR Premium® effortlessly recycles your concentrate through a multi-tubed design to deliver the highest quality in both taste and function. Discover these premium 100% borosilicate glass concentrate rigs.

Rubicon w/Inline: Break the stereotype of traditional concentrate rigs and reinvent your high with the Rubicon Concentrate Rig from GEAR Premium®. The reinforced arm is attached to an inverted chamber that features an inline perc for maximum filtration.