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Dr. Dabber Switch Vape Parts
Dr. Dabber Switch Vape Parts
Dr. Dabber Switch Vape Parts
Dr. Dabber Switch Vape Parts
Dr. Dabber Switch Vape Parts
Dr. Dabber Switch Vape Parts
Dr. Dabber Switch Vape Parts
Dr. Dabber Switch Vape Parts
Dr. Dabber Switch Vape Parts
Dr. Dabber Switch Vape Parts
Dr. Dabber Switch Vape Parts
Dr. Dabber Switch Vape Parts
Dr. Dabber Switch Vape Parts
Dr. Dabber Switch Vape Parts
Dr. Dabber Switch Vape Parts
Dr. Dabber Switch Vape Parts
Dr. Dabber Switch Vape Parts

Dr. Dabber Switch Vape Parts


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Dr Dabber Switch Replacement Parts & Accessories

ALN Induction Cup  is the most premium induction cup available for the SWITCH. This accessory is used in a variety of industries such as medical, defense, and even aerospace, due to its extensive list of impressive capabilities.

Aluminum Nitride provides some of the highest thermal conductivity for inserts. We're talking at least 125x more thermally conductive than quartz. This extremely high thermal conductivity results in a higher heat transfer rate, leading to overall reduced heating time and uniform temperature distribution–no "hot spots" in the induction cup.

The SWITCH: ALN Induction Cup also provides a level of thermal expansion similar to Silicone, meaning this accessory can experience high temperatures without cracking or being damaged. Aluminum Nitride is also able to withstand extreme and rapid changes in temperature, is non-toxic, chemically safe, hard to oxidize, and provides the purest and most flavorful experience for SWITCH users.

Lastly, the SWITCH: ALN Induction Cup is super easy to clean and very low maintenance. Just wipe clean with Isopropyl Alcohol after use.

Please note, for optimal results, the SWITCH must be in Crystal Mode to use the SWITCH: ALN Induction Cup.

Crystal Quartz Cup The Switch Quartz Induction Cup for the Dr Dabber Switch vaporizer provides the same experience as the ceramic cup but with an added level of purity. This insert sits inside of a titanium cup for increased heat retention and a more consistent heat distribution, but provides a more refined surface for vaporizing your materials. A great addition for the user searching for a cleaner, tastier hit. The Quartz Cup can be used for vaporizing oils, but can also be used for low heat flower vaporization.

Oil Induction Cup is specifically designed for use with oil in the Dr. Dabber SWITCH. These Gr2 Titanium cups have a medical grade ceramic coating on the heating surface for optimal heat distribution.

Sapphire Induction Cup is specifically designed for use with concentrates in the Dr. Dabber Switch. Placing the Sapphire cup luxurious accessory sits inside the titanium cup for broader heat distribution and retention. The Sapphire Induction Cup is for the vapour connoisseur looking for only the purist extractions.

Silicon Carbide Induction Cup is an ultra premium accessory designed for use specifically with oil for the Dr Dabber Switch vaporizer. Placed inside a Titanium Cup, the SiC Insert is lightweight and extremely durable, able to withstand very high temperatures. With the SiC Induction Cup's higher thermal conductivity, you can achieve your desired heat at a much lower temperature setting while obtaining great flavour - truly a luxury dabbing experience.

Smooth Ceramic Induction Cup is a uniquely different concept to the standard ceramic nail, utilizing a pure ceramic dish insert inside a titanium induction cup. Unlike the all-in-one Standard Ceramic Induction Cup, the Smooth Ceramic Cup is made of a significantly thicker ceramic, which retains heat longer while also offering ideal heat distribution, leading to exceptional flavor. The Smooth Ceramic Induction Cup is extremely easy to clean, just wipe the insert with a q-tip once you're done.

The Switch Tweezers are reverse tweezers that spread open when you pinch the body. The Tweezers are designed for lifting induction cups in and out of the Switch Induction Cups. The removable silicone grips on the ends help grab the cups better and keep the tweezers from getting hot.

Silicone Packs Each accessory pack includes a variety of three Carb Cap seals, three Induction Cup Tweezer tips, and three Glass Attachment Seals, now conveniently designed with a built-in dab tool holder.

Switch Silicone Base

The Switch™ Silicone Base is the perfect dab station for all Switch™ users. Made entirely from platinum cured silicone, the highest food grade silicone, this accessory provides the perfect no-slip station for all of your dabbing needs. Designed with several compartments, you can stash your Iso-Snaps, induction cups, Loading Tool, Budder Cutter, and more in a safe and convenient space. The inside compartment is hollowed out to fit your Switch® perfectly.

The Switch™ Silicone Base not only helps organize all your dabbing accessories–this dab station helps prevent your Switch® from getting knocked over and causing damage to the unit or glass attachment.


Sidewinder Glass Attachment is similar to the SWITCH: Hive Ball Attachment, the Sidewinder Attachment is cleverly designed to create a higher resistance pull, similar to that of a traditional glass water pipe with a large volume of water. 

Featuring precision cut snowflake-shaped percolators, the Sidewinder Attachment offers the best of both worlds, with recycling function as well as percolation. The result is an exceptionally deep, smooth draw that you wouldn't expect from such an ornate design. Requiring absolutely zero compromise, the Sidewinder Attachment is the perfect balance of beauty and function.

Sidecar Glass Attachment

The Switch™ Sidecar Percolator features a minimalist design with a smooth exterior. This attachment features a large diameter down-stem percolator with six precision slits crafted on each side, allowing for smooth operation with a low possibility of clogging. This attachment provides exceptional function with flower, due to the large bore hole.

The Switch™ Sidecar Percolator performs with smooth percolation and heavy airflow, ideal for both heavy and light inhalers. This attachment is ideal for both flower and concentrate use with the Switch™, due to the large opening preventing clogging, and allowing for easy cleaning.

Snowflake Recycler Attachment

Introducing the limited-edition Switch™ Snowflake Recycler Attachment, showcasing an intricate snowflake-inspired percolator design in an exclusive Swirl colorway. This high-quality attachment enhances your dabbing experience by creating a cyclone effect as water splashes and circulates through the chamber. Its 36 precision cuts provide optimal percolation, while the built-in splash guard prevents water from reaching your mouth.

Available only while supplies last! Elevate your sessions with the Switch™ Snowflake Recycler Attachment and experience unparalleled performance and style.

*All Switch™ glass is handblown and colors will vary from photos shown.  Also available in just clear


Switch SIlicone Packs

Available in five different color packs, the Switch™ Silicone Packs are the perfect way to customize your favorite eRig

Each accessory pack includes a variety of three Carb Cap seals, three Induction Cup Tweezer tips, and three Glass Attachment Seals, now conveniently designed with a built-in dab tool holder.

*Neon & Marine Silicone Packs include glow in the dark options.

Replacement battery pack for the Dr. Dabber Switch™.

Output Power up to 120 watts
Battery Capacity of 33.3 watt-hours
Lithium Ion Rechargeable Cells
Passthrough charging
Over-voltage, over-current, under-voltage, over-temperature, short-circuit, and reverse-polarity protection



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