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D-nail E-nail vaporizer

The D-Nail Digital Essential Oil Vaporizer range is the top of the line for enails. This new 1.3 version is an updated edition of the D-Nail’s original 1.2 model which was so popular that it was voted Number 1 by High Times two years in a row. Temperature is maintained perfectly to within one degree and it is  easy to adjust thanks to the digital LCD screen. Say goodbye to the the lack of precision and smoothness that you get from a torch, no more harsh hot hits or unsatisfying low temp dab fails, the D-Nail 1.3 Digital Vaporizer will revolutionise your dabbing experience. 


Includes; Highly Educated OG Titanium Nail: 16mm Dish/Heater. 10F-14M-18M(19M) Joint, Heater: Regular Coil, Warranty:2 Years