resolution cotton swabs 110 pack - shell shock
randys res tips 100 pack - shell shock
randys snaps alcohol cotton swabs 24 pack - shell shock
gear cotton swabs 35 pack - shell shock
hydros cotton swabs - shell shock
blazy susan pink cotton buds 100 pack - shell shock
pirahna cotton swabs - shell shock
Cotton Swabs
Cotton Swabs

Cotton Swabs

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Cotton Swabs for Cleaning

Blazy Susan Pink Cotton Buds 100 buds

Blazy cotton buds are designed for the serious concentrate connoisseur who likes to keep their quartz clean and sparkling after each use.  Made with Pink Cotton and Sturdy Bamboo sticks


GEAR Premium Detailing Tool For Dab Rigs & Quartz Bangers 35/pack

The new GEAR Premium Detailing Tools are the ultimate in cleaning! The dual ends feature a rounded and pointed tip perfect for cleaning all the tough to reach spots of your gear. They're made of 100% cotton and biodegradable! These detailing tools are the best choice for you, and the environment.

• 100% Cotton
• Biodegradable
• 35 Tools/Pack

Hydros 100 Premium Cotton Buds
  • 100% biodegradable and compostable
  • 100 per pack


Piranha Slick Tips Regular Dab Swabs
300 CountKeep your dab rigs and water pipes spotless with these cotton swabs from Piranha. Piranha Slick Tip swabs offer a new innovative spin on cleaning down stems, bowls and pipes. Piranha Slick Tips feature a pointed side for getting in those tight edges and a round side for mopping, making every nook and bend easy to cleanse.

Slick Tip Swabs Features:

Pointed Side for Edges

Round Side for Mopping

Made of Bamboo and Cotton

300 Slick Tip Swabs per Pack

Randy's Res-Tips 112 Tips/Pack

Randy’s Res-Tips are an all natural cotton cleaning swab that are great for cleaning your hand pipes, water pipes, and other accessories. You can utilize Res-tips to soak up gunky residue leftover from concentrates. They can also be used in conjunction with our liquid cleaners for a deep clean of your smoking accessories

Randy's Snaps 

Alcohol-filled cotton swabs that are perfect for cleaning those hard to reach places. Each Snap is filled with alcohol and has 2 cotton swabs that can be used for scrubbing. A quick “snap” of the cotton swab with the blue line and the alcohol is released from the shaft down into the bottom swab. Simply wipe any surface down that you wish to clean. Each pack of Randy’s Snaps includes 24 cotton swabs in hard shell pack.

Dr.Dabber Iso-Snaps 24PK

Dr. Dabber® Iso-Snaps are the perfect all-in-one solution to clean your vaporizer, nails, and glass. Each Iso-snap has cotton swabs with 70% isopropyl alcohol loaded in the shaft. With a snap of the top cotton swab the isopropyl alcohol is released from the shaft down into the bottom cotton swab head. Simply wipe the surface area clean to get a fresh surface. No need to use heat to clean after every use.

70% isopropyl alcohol is safe to use on all Dr.Dabber® products including plastic, glass, and ceramic.

Glop Mops

Keep your Quartz nails and bangers clean and looking brand new with 100% Pure Cotton XL 2.0 Glob Mops. This convenient 300-swab pack is perfect for your luggage, travel, or rig case. High-quality Quartz products and dab accessories can show oxidation even after first use.