Cheech & Chong Hand Pipes

Cheech & Chong Hand Pipes

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Cheech & Chong Glass Pipes

Hey man, if you're looking for officially licensed, genuine Cheech & Chong® Glass, you've come to the right spot! Their products are personally endorsed and the ONLY glass company licensed by Tommy Chong and Cheech Marin!

4.5" Still Smokin Hand Pipe

*sniff sniff* Can you smell the excitement in the air? We smell something, that’s for sure! Pay tribute to the classic 1983 film Still Smokin and get your hands on the only glass officially licensed by Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong.

4.5" Nice Dreams Hand Pipe

Spend less time selling ice cream and more time packing bowls with the 4.5" Nice Dreams Hand Pipe from Cheech & Chong® Glass. This pipe is made of 100% borosilicate glass and includes a built-in ash catcher mouthpiece. Just don’t smoke too much at once or you’ll turn into a lizard!

4.5" Bloat On Hand Pipe

Ladies and gentlemen, will you please welcome… The Fabulous Bloaters! Bloat on with tokes from your 4.5" hand pipe, and then dig into some hamburgers, ice cream, and chow mein. We’ll bring the pipe, you bring the munchies!

4.5" Dave's Not Here, Man Hand Pipe

Who is it? It’s Dave, man! Now open up, I got the stuff including the Dave’s Not Here, Man Hand Pipe from Cheech & Chong® Glass. It’s Dave, man, D-A-V-E! Get your hands on a piece of stoner history with the pipe that pays tribute to the classic "Dave" skit from Cheech & Chong's self titled debut album.

4.5" Getting Loaded Zone Hand Pipe

Are we driving okay? I think we’re parked, man. Don’t worry though, this is a designated getting loaded zone. The only question is… what was in that stuff, man?

4.5" Happy Herbs Hand Pipe

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Happy Herbs knows tasty treats and this Cheech & Chong® Glass Hand Pipe is bringing chill vibes all summer long. Each pipe features a Happy Herbs decal and an ash catcher mouthpiece.

4.5" Love Machine Hand Pipe

Hey, this pipe is just a Love Machine, and it don’t work for nobody but you. Let your temperature rise and get to new highs with the Love Machine Hand Pipe from Cheech & Chong® Glass. Includes an original artwork decal with an ash catcher mouthpiece made of 100% borosilicate glass.

4.5" #vanlife Hand Pipe

Attention all units, this is Sargent Stadanko. I’m in pursuit of a suspect living that #VanLife. Consider the suspect stoned and repping their favourite hand pipe from Cheech & Chong® Glass. This hand pipe comes with a built-in ash catcher mouthpiece and is made of 100% borosilicate glass.