Arizer Argo - shell shock
Arizer Argo & Battery - Shell Shock

Arizer Argo

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Arizer Argo Vaporizer

The Arizer Go (ArGo) vaporizer delivers high performance in a minute package. First and foremost, it’s important to point out that Arizer Argo is a herbal vaporizer. So if you are not into herbs, don’t bother about it. It has the amazing features that are associated with the Arizer brand.

The Arizer ArGo is compact and comes with all the performance and flavour that you expect to experience with a high quality product. It features granular temperature control and borosilicate glass mouthpieces to make your vaping more powerful. It allows for discreet vaping so you do not have to worry about others checking on you when you are having a big hit. You can also have it on the go and vape all you want without any disturbance.

Features of Arizer Go Vaporizer

  • Features extendable glass mouthpiece that keeps the vapour cool and pure

  • Highly compatible with dry herb

  • It uses an interchangeable 18650 Li ion battery

  • Requires low maintenance. You hardy require any cleaning for it

  • Features wide range of temperature – 112°F – 428°F

  • It enables pass through charging


Specifications of ArGo Kit

  • One 18650 Li ion Battery

  • Arizer ArGo dry herb vaporizer

  • One USB charger and power adapter

  • One packing tool and two glass mouthpieces

  • Four stainless steel filter screens and two silicone stem caps

  • One carrying case