Incense and Why We Like It

Incense and Why We Like It

Incense Sticks, Burners and More!


The comforting scents of incense have been held closely by the stoner community for many years. The benefits of burning incense are plentiful, such as reducing stress and anxiety, stimulating your creativity, purifying a space.  It just simply creates a nice smelling environment and also helps with covering up the weed smell too… you know, whatever floats your boat.


The word incense comes from the Latin word incendere, meaning ‘to burn’.  It has been around for over 6000 years, first being used by priests in Egypt for fumigating ceremonies and tombs! Made with various plant materials and essential oils, the fragrances are unique and hard to replicate. From the classics, like Nag Champa, Dragons Blood or Patchouli, to newer innovative scents like Baked Brownie, Fairy Dust or Sugar Cookie, all incense scents are potent and long lasting.


Here at Shell Shock, we like to keep our incense variety highly stocked. Whether your prefer short sticks, long sticks, or cones, we’ve got it all. Our shortie sticks are great for a quick 30 minute burn, and our long sticks are perfect for more prolonged sessions of an hour or more. Incense cones burn at a similar rate to the shortie sticks, but provide a thicker, more concentrated smoke.


If you’re looking to add more flare to your space, incense can do that too! We’ve got a variety of different incense burners, all differing in size, colour, style and more. Incense holders add an extra element of design to your space, just look how intricate and beautiful this one is!  Backflow cones burn through the bottom, so when placed on top of a holder like this, a waterfall effect is created! What’s cooler than that?



Our selection of Wildberry brand incense is the largest, with scents and stock changing frequently in-store. Wildberry features both classic and innovative smells, and are available in individual sticks for mix-and-matching. Wildberry incense comes in short sticks, long sticks, or cones.  Check out their website for all the flavors available and we can always try our best to get them in for you in-store or online.


Also, if you prefer the more Classic Brands of incense, we've got over 30 different types of boxed incense by Satya, Nandita, Goloka and more! 


We hope you enjoyed learning about all the different types of Incense we have available.  Shell Shock also has a very healthy selection of candles, sprays and other odor control solutions as well.

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