First Date: The Pulsar APX V2

First Date: The Pulsar APX V2

     APx Herb Vape weed vaporizer Shell Shock Edmonton Canada

When I first took the Pulsar APX V2 home, it only took a single session to know that I liked it. I have very specific tastes when it comes to vape units, and I typically find it difficult to find one that covers all the bases for me. I look for fast heat up time, quality flavour, and ease of access for cleaning/packing. This little APX met all my expectations, and even exceeded a few. From unboxing, to finishing my first session, I was impressed.

V2 Vaporizer APX Herb Shell Shock Edmonton Canada

Pulsar did a great job at making sure every step of unboxing is exciting and aesthetically pleasing. The unit itself is individually presented, fully assembled, and looking sleek. Directly underneath and well presented, is the accessory kit. The APX comes with a USB charging cable, cleaning brush, packing tool, and replacement mouthpiece insert. I was already liking it.

APX V2 vaporizer box shell Shock Edmonton

My first surprise came once I had packed the oven and turned on the APX. I had read in the manual that, after 5 clicks and selecting a temperature, a short buzz from the built in haptic feedback would go off once the oven was up to temperature. The surprising part was how quickly that little buzz came. It was so fast I decided to double check the display to make sure I had set the temperature high enough. I had. Awesome. My second surprise came after taking my first hit. I was not anticipating that the little ceramic oven in the APX would deliver a vapor that not only tasted great, but had a satisfying cloud upon exhaling as well. I was even more pleased to find that this experience was consistent throughout the entire session. Cleaning time was quick and easy. The provided brush made short work of the debris in the oven, and I was quickly ready for a repack.

My final surprise snuck up on me. I already knew the price of this unit before taking it home. In fact, the price was a major factor in setting a few expectations. I didn't fully appreciate the price of the APX until all was said and done. For $99.99, a price even lower than other units in the same class, all my needs were taken care of. I've been using it fairly regularly ever since, and my experience of this great little economic unit remains the same as that first session.

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