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What is 710? Tokers newest smoking Holiday


I'm sure you are wondering what this new stoner holiday called 710 is all about.  You know what 420 is all about, but what is this new 710 thing.  Basically 710 is OIL spelled backward and flipped around.  The things people who smoke come up with, lol. So now we celebrate all things oil and concentrate on July 10th, 710. No real reason, more of a just because we can. So get out your dab pen, grab that rig, ball up that shatter  and get ready to celebrate the newest tokin holiday

Speaking of celebrating, we will be doing just that at Shell Shock on July 10th.  There will be all sorts of deals from door crashers, accessory deals and epic sales on all the rigs!  It's going to be one day only so don't miss out.  Be sure to stop by the store, check our website or follow us @shellshockhq on facebook for details.

All this dab talk has gotten me in a tizzy ... not to be confused with the dance move also called dab.  It's not as complicated as it seems, so don't be intimated on how futuristic it may seem.  But at the end of the day when you say you want a dab it just means you're smoking concentrates vs a hoot means you're smoking the herb.

It's pretty easy to make your extracts at home in small batches.  A little patience and a few safety practices and you are well on your way.  There are things like the Honeybee Extractor, Boldt Bubble Bags and My Press that definitely get the job done.  It's too complicated to get into the details but come by and chat with one of our knowledgable staff members.

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The most common ways to consume your concentrates is either vaping, smoking or ingesting. Find what works best for you and go from there.  Everyone has their own preference so it's ok if your device is not like your friends.

Vape pens like the Exxus Go and APX Wax are a super solid hitter both boasting 3 coils and water attachments so you can really get your dab on.  We have some more stealthier styles like the C Cell Palm and Silo or the Wulf Duo.  These are more common for the distillate cartridges that you see more of lately... the nice thing about these is you don't have to fill them up every time you want to take a dab.  If you are already really into dabs and looking for something beyond a vape pen, the Puffco Peak and Dr. Dabber Switch are not for the faint of heart.

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When it comes to your "rig" the possibilities are endless.  A "rig" means your concentrate smoking set up.   Sometimes when the bong is a little too large it has too much contact with air and the flavour is not going to be as good.  Terpenes exist in a lot of everyday things like citrus fruits, lavender and mint.  They all have their own beneficial advantages to them.  Depending on your strains you'll notice the different terpene profiles.  I really enjoy concentrates with a citrus flavour which is known as limonene.  We have a large selection of glassware anything ranging from Nectar Collectors, glass or silicone rigs, to ultra collectable stuff like this Rainbow Yoshi by Lee Machine ... oh yeah did I mention he is UV reactive too?

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Ok so you have some concentrates but you don't think you want to smoke or vape it?  Don't worry it's not a complete waste!  You can very easily turn it into your very own edible.  The Zen Zingers Gummy Kits are super easy to use and it's as easy as making Jell-O.  If you are more of a foodie and you want to make your own magic munchies we have infusion machines like the Magical Butter 2E and the Levo 2 that will turn your concentrates into a cooking vessel of your choice whether it'd be butter, coconut oil or whatever you want to use.  The Levo 2 is counter top worthy as it decarbs, infuses and dispenses your infused oil. Also all the pieces are dishwasher friendly and you can track the status of your infusion on the app.

So now that you're all caught up on 710 hopefully we will see you in the shop picking up all your new dabbing accessories.  Be sure to ask us what our favourite pieces and ways to dab are.  Stay lit fam!





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