What Exactly Makes a Smoother Hoot?

What Exactly Makes a Smoother Hoot?

It might not seem like it, but there is a lot of variables to consider when taking your hoots.  It can range anything from the apparatus that your are using, to the humidity of your cannabis.  Choosing the right tools makes a big difference and your lungs will thank you too.

We are here to help break it down for you and offer a few suggestions along the way.  Some ways work better for others, so you might have to explore a few options until you find what works for you.

When it comes to combustion there's a couple things to consider.  The most common form of combustion are joints, pipes and bongs.   Joints are probably the most preferred way by most stoners for their ease of use and transport.  Pipes and Bongs are quite nice too and a good way to control the amount you are consuming.

Joints are always super smooth as they provide a slower burn and the smoke has time to cool through it as well before you actually inhale it.  A few things to consider is the size of your paper, thickness, type of paper and using a filter.  Using a filter and thinner paper is a great starting point towards a smoother hoot.  Also considering things like all hemp, unbleached and organic.  Pre-rolled cones have also become quite popular for their ease of use. Click the pic below to see our rolling selection.

For pipes a couple things to consider is a built in screen, length of pipe and using hemp wick.  A built in screen has more holes on the bottom which airates the smoke better than your traditional one hole on the bottom.  The length of your pipe gives the smoke time to cool down too. Using hemp wick doesn't seem like much but it makes all the difference in the smoothness and flavor in your hoot. You might not notice it, but when you put your lighter over your bowl there is butane that's being inhaled at the same time with your herb. There are even some nice lighter holders that house your hemp wick too.  Click below to see our selection of pipes.


When it comes to bong, a few things a few things that help make a smoother hoot are percolators and ice pinches.  Percolators allow the smoke to travel through them real fast, helping trap extra particulates among the way like resin and butane from your lighter.  Also, packing the right amount in your bowl to clear makes a big difference too.  It seems like extra work, but using hemp only packing one hoot at a time makes it super smooth. Your bowl is fresh from beginning to end, there is no smoke sitting in the chamber and you won't accidentally take too much.  Try the ice thing too! You won't be disappointed... it makes for some super smooth hoots. Click the pic below to see our awesome bong selection.

Keeping your glassware clean too also makes a big difference in the taste of your hoot. Make sure you use some good cleaner like Randy's Black Label or Purple Power and remember to change your bong water on the regular!

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