Types of Concentrates

Types of Concentrates

The extract market is a new and exciting part of the cannabis experience that has arrived on the scene and has allowed for a whole new way of enjoying your high.  In this list we have put together some of the most common concentrates seen on the market


One of the most popular forms of dabs known for its purity. Shatter is named for it's glass-like consistency and the fact that it can shatter when dropped. Shatter is usually made using a butane extraction process and purged in a vacuum to remove the butane. Try warming up your dabber to cut of a slice.

Shatter BHO



One of the driest forms of concentrate, Crumble is named for its tendency to crumble apart. Produced with a longer, lower heat purging process, Crumble maintains more terpenes than many other concentrates for top notch flavour. Be sure to store in a well sealed container!

Crumble Concentrate


Produced by a simple procedure of adding heat and pressure to flower or kief, Rosin is a very popular solventless concentrate. The end result will be sticky and sap-like. If made correctly should retain much of the aroma, flavour and terpenes of the original bud. 

Rosin Dab


Similar to Crumble, but produced in a wax-whipping process that results in higher moisture content and a consistency like warm wax. High terpene content for great flavour. 

Budder Concentrate

Live Resin

Produced by freezing freshly harvested plants, Live Resin maintains terpenes that would be lost in the curing process. Results in an extremely flavourful and aromatic concentrate.

Live resin concentrate

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A potent and pure form of concentrate. All impurities and unwanted parts of the plant are removed, resulting in a concentrate of up to 99% THC (or CBD). However, this process removes terpenes, so Distillate is less flavourful (or no flavor) than other concentrates. It is unmatched in its potency, purity, and flavour. It is effective in oral, trans-dermal, and smokeable applications. Distillate is really good for making edibles, as there is no flavor to affect your edibles.

THC Distillate


THCA Diamonds are crystalline structures that are almost pure THC. Extremely potent, but similar to distillate, the THC content is so high that terpenes are limited. Can usually be found mixed with sauce.


A sticky, liquidy concentrate often with a non-uniform consistency. Sauce boasts high terpene content for some of the most flavourful dabs on the market. Usually found mixed with diamonds


Diamonds THC


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