Christmas Gift Ideas from Shell Shock

Christmas Gift Ideas from Shell Shock

Since we all can't get a hippopotamus for Xmas... We have made a list of our top items we want to see under the tree.  Compiled by all the little stoner elves over at Shell Shock HQ.  If you have any questions or need any gift suggestions be sure to stop by one of our shops and talk to one of our awesome Super Stoners.  No matter what level of stoner you are shopping for we have something for everyone. 


Puffco Peak

With concentrates becoming more popular than ever the Puffco Peak is all you need to get the job done.  Say goodbye to torches, figuring out how long to heat up and cool down and chazzed bangers.  With it's 4 preset optimal temperature settings and a sesh mode it can really handle any level of stoner.  You can really customize your Peak to make it your own with different attachments from the puffco line or you can also get your local glass blower to make you something fancy for it too!  If your looking for more than a pen for concentrates but not sure if you want a dab rig with a torch then this is definitely for you!  Come grab one in the traditional black bottom or check out some of the limited edition ones we have right now.  

Puffco Peak Shell Shock Canada


Everyone loves a clean bong!!  Make life simpler with some amazing cleaner options we have.  Skip the hassle of making your own and figuring out what works and try some of the brands we have to offer.  Trust us, you won't be disappointed.

Randy's Black Label is definitely our goto cleaner for everything glass!  Made from a strong acetone base and with scrubby salts, a little bit goes a real long way.  This stuff works on even the most stubborn res stains you might have going on

Orange Chronic, Purple Power and Dark Crystal are some of our honorable mentions.  These also work really well and have passed our extensive product research and development team.  Whether you are looking for instant, soaking or natural cleaner we have it all.

Cleaner Shell Shock Canada

Framed High Times Magazine

We have reached into the Shell Shock collection and come up with some sweet framed High Times Magazine.  Relive the days when weed was illegal and High Times was the bible for tokers everywhere

High times Magazine Framed Shell Shock Edmonton Canada 

Premium Grinders

A lot of people don't think about it but your grinder sees the most action in all your weed smoking paraphernalia.  Without your grinder all your smoke would be all uneven and all those good crystals get wiped off your hands from sticking to them. Trust us a good grinder goes a long way... some of us have had the same grinder for 10 years plus.  Reason that these premium grinders last so much longer is because they are machined out of a higher quality of aluminum usually space grade and sometimes titanium coated. Most of our premium grinders come with a lifetime warranty on their teeth too just to prove how strong they are!

Premium Grinders Shell Shock Canada

Smoke Odor Candles

We just can't get enough of these candles.  With their own enzyme formulated candles and sprays remove smoke odors when burning.  We're not sure how they do it but they really do work.  With seasonal scents changing out all the time you will never get bored by the large variety.  Light one up next time you blaze and prepare to be amazed!  

smoke odour candle shell shock canada

Gas Pump Rig 

Borowook Gas Pump make doing your concentrates a lot easier.  With a little quartz tip instead of a banger to heat up, say goodbye to cooldown time.  We offer full set ups or just the attachment if you wanted to set up your own piece.  The silicone hose also doubles up great as a reclaim catcher, saving you all that good stuff for later.  I'm not too sure where they came up with the idea but that's a story for another day.

Check out the Gas Pump

Gas Pump dabber Shell Shock Edmonton Canada


 Check out the entire collection here 



Pendants are a great way to showcase your glass without carrying your stinky bong around.  They make a great accessory to any outfit for any occasion.  Add a touch of flare or keep it classy, we have a pendant style for everyone.  Some of our favorites around the staff are are glass chains, star wars, uv reactive and anything sparkly.  We also have some really unique ones like tiny ballcaps, functioning mini pipes, weed in a baggie and Wu-Kitty.

Pendants Shell Shock Canada


Rolling Trays 

Every stoner needs a rolling tray's one of those things you don't need but you do!  Even if you don't roll joints, trays are great to keep all your weed stuff organized.  Some of them even have tray covers so you can hide all that mess.  There are tonnes of trays to choose from size and style wise ... we can confidently say there is a tray for everyone!

 Rolling Trays Shell Shock Canada



DaVinci Iq2

One of the hottest vapes to hit the market recently.  With it's 10 year warranty, removable battery and ceramic zirconia aroma chamber the unit it designed to last a long time with little to none replacement parts.  Vaping has never been easier with this little portable unit.  Featuring it's smartpath temperature settings you will never be left guessing what temperature to vape on.  With 4 preset smart paths one of them should be what you are looking for. But for the more advanced users, you can fully customize your own temperature settings and time on the app.  If you are a lighter user or newer to cannabis you might want to check out the Davinci Miqro as well.  It's the smaller version of the IQ with all the same amazing stuff!

DaVinci IQ Shell Shock Canada

Levo 2, Decarb Machine, MB2

There are more ways to consume your cannabis besides smoking and vaping it.  More and more people are seeking edibles these days, it's best to just make your own.  Also who wouldn't love some "homemade gifts" made from your own home infusion machine!  Making your own is always better for you for so many reasons.  It really allows you to customize for yourself depending on what you are looking for, dietary restrictions, and dosage to name a few.  It's also extra reassuring to know exactly what you are ingesting too!  The Levo 2 is a great all in one machine that does everything from beginning to end.  Check out our other blog about infusions here.

Infusers Shell Shock Canada


Nothing like cracking open a new book and smelling all that new paper!  Books are always so full of information and cool things they never get the recognition they deserve.  We have a wide variety of books in the stores for all the stoners out there.  Anything from how to grow your 4 recreational plants at home ( in Canada), Glass Art, Activity Books, Cooking and Lifestyle.  Knowledge is power and everyone needs some good reading material before bed.

Cannabis books Shell Shock Edmonton Canada 

Juicy Jay Rolling Papers

Who doesn't need some fun papers to roll your joints?  Juicy Jay flavoured papers are the go to papers when you want some flavour for your smoke.  With over 30 different packs to choose from you will know why these are the most popular flavoured papers on the market.  Pick some up for a gift, to make some xmas pre-rolls or maybe just to treat yourself this holiday season 

Juicy Jay Flavoured Rolling Papers Shell Shock Edmonton Canada

Shell Shock Advent (countdown) Calendars

Don't we all love a little surprise.  How about many different surprises over a month?  Well with the Shell Shock countdown calendar you can have it all.  Daily surprises for the adult who loves Christmas and loves little surprises.  With over $120 in value this is definitely something you should be getting for that favourite toker in your life

 Shell Shock advent countdown calendar for Christmas.  Edmonton, Canada


Slash Pen kit by Stonesmiths

One of the newer concentrate pens on the market, the Slash Pen kit is a well designed pen for doing your dabs.  Magnetic connection, built in tool and many other features make this a great pen for experienced and new users.  Designed in Edmonton, give this pen a chance to wow you

Slash Pen Kit for Concentrates from Shell Shock Edmonton Canada



For other ideas check out our Christmas collection Here


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