Taking your Dog on A Stoner Walk

Taking your Dog on A Stoner Walk

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Hi Stoners! Cait here from Shell Shock.
One of my favourite times to smoke is when I go for a walk with my little athlete Boscoe! He’s a sassy bulldog who's interests include sniffing stuff, chewing stuff, and going on walks. Sometimes Boscoe is totally willing to stop and take a break and allow me to smoke, other days...not so much. That’s why I like to have a pre rolled joint in a doob tube ready for me to smoke. Doob tubes are water tight and smell proof, so if I don’t finish, I can put it back in the tube and won’t be smelling like I have a roach on me for the rest of the walk. My neighborhood is full of kids, so I like to try and keep smell down as much as possible if I’m walking when the kids are out playing. Odourable spray is great for spraying onto clothes to get rid of odour but make sure you don’t accidentally spray your dog! Another item I use on those days where stopping and taking a break isn’t an option is a lighter leash! It clips on my belt loop and has a retractable cord. Another item I like to keep in my pocket on a walk with a joint is a pocket ashtray by Raw.  Joints are my usual go to for dog walking because they’re easy to handle and mostly a one handed operation.

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When Boscoe and I plan on going for a longer adventure, I like to pack a small bag full of goodies for the two of us. Most important is water! For me and my boy. It’s important to keep your dog hydrated on longer outings and also comes in handy if you bring a piece that requires water to smoke out of. At Shell Shock we sell lots of easy to travel with water pieces suchs as the aqua pipe or the monsoon pipe. The monsoon pipe is a hand blown pipe by Chameleon glass, you can actually fill this bad boy with water and keep it in your bag without the risk of spilling! My favourite pipe for dog walks! Just don’t forget to keep it in a pipe case! 

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If you’d rather not travel with glass, we’ve got tons of other options at Shell Shock. Silicone is great for being mobile. We’ve got all kinds of silicone options, such as pipes, bongs, rigs, nectar collectors. Most of our pipes will come with a lid to cover your bowl. I’ll pack my pipe before heading out and just keep it in my pocket. Sometimes I’m able to walk and toke with a pipe, sometimes Boscoe is too curious about the world around him and pulls on the leash a bit too much for me to smoke out of a pipe, so we’ll find a nice bench to take a break at. Boscoe will have a water break and I’ll have a few hoots out of my silicone pipe.

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I’ve recently introduced concentrates into my dog walking adventures. It’s been a game changer! I can very easily use a vape pen single handed. Now Boscoe doesn’t have to stop and wait for me! I use an Evolve Plus XL for my shatters and waxes etc. I usually pack it before I leave so I don’t have to stop during our walk, if I do need to refill, there’s a convenient silicone lined container at the bottom of the pen. Lately I’ve been rocking my Exxus Snap, which is a cartridge style vape pen for distillates. You can also turn your shatter or other types of not so viscous concentrates into an e-juice mixture with a product called Shatter Batter. Using a concentrate vaporizer is great for being low key. I don’t have to worry about smell on my walks now!

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Smoking and walking can be a bit distracting. Remember to stay safe while out with your pup, and be aware of your surroundings. One time I was out with Boscoe trying to use my pipe and he saw a rabbit and pulled so hard on the leash that I dropped my pipe! The pipe survived, but my freshly packed bowl did not. Lesson learned!

I wish all the dog owner stoners out there a THC filled good time on your next adventure! Give your best friends an extra good scratch behind the ears for me!

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