Puffing in a Pandemic

Puffing in a Pandemic

Hey Stoners! So, as we all know there’s a bit of a health crisis happening right now. BUT, we all still want to get high. The good news? Shell Shock has you covered with some ways to keep your gear sanitary and you and those around you safe.  You might need one, or maybe a couple if you are smoking with more friends, but check out your options on how to stay safe and high out there.


What are our options?

 MouthPeace Silicone bong filter shell Shock edmonton Canada


First up, the new MouthPeace and MouthPeace Filters. Made from biodegradable and recycled materials, the triple-layer activated carbon filters will sanitize smoke/vapor and enhance flavors by removing resins, toxins, and tar; all without blocking THC/CBD or reducing airflow.  Perfect for the bong smoker out there and completely portable when you go to friends house to enjoy your favourite smoke


 Bong Cleaner wipes Shell Shock Edmonton Canada


Next we have a range of glass cleaners and sanitary wipes. Not only will these products freshen up your glass, they’ll also keep them clean and sanitary. 420 wipes are perfect for keeping on the table and wiping your mouthpiece off after each bong hoot.  Or dampen a paper towel and use the randy's cleaner.  All work great when trying to keep the germs away


joint holder roach clip shell shock edmonton canada 

For the dooby smokers out there, we have a range of one-hitters and joint-holders. Perfect for if you want to pass around a joint, but don’t want to pass around spit or germs.  There are small glass tokers to put your joint, or even try using a glass one hitter, to give your joint a bit more class.  

(pictured product : Samantics one hitter, joint bubbler, SS silicone one hitter and the hemostat roach clip.)


We gotta get high, but we also need to protect ourselves and those around us as much as possible. And maybe the safest way to do that is to carry your own bong, pipe, or whatever smoking device you prefer with you.  That way no one needs to share with other and you keep your personal space safe.  If you want that option Shell Shock has lots of bongs, pipes, and other smoking accessories to allow you to do this.  So peruse the website and find the right tools for getting high and being safe.

Keep it Blazin and Stay safe, homies!

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