Puffco Peak vs Puffco Peak Pro. Which one to choose

Puffco Peak vs Puffco Peak Pro. Which one to choose

Puffco Peak vs Puffco Peak Pro Comparison


The Puffco Peak revolutionized the dabbing game when it was introduced in 2018. Gone were the days of fumbling with a torch and holding your hand over a hot nail to check the heat. The Puffco Peak combined the convenience of a dab pen with the power of a dab rig. The Peak combined hand-blown glass for water filtration, a ceramic bowl for top quality flavour and durability, a smart heating system for maximum precision, a quick-charging, long-lasting battery all in a compact unit that can easily be operated with one hand.

 But with all that said, there’s always room for improvement. Enter the Puffco Peak Pro. The Peak Pro carries over all the great features of the original Peak, but with several key improvements. While the Peak pro does resemble the Peak from the outside, it is very different on the outside. A few key changes in the Peak Pro:

  • Real time temperature control
  • Bluetooth app compatibility
  • Wireless charging
  • Adjustable light settings
  • USB-C charging
  • Larger ceramic bowl
  • Improved carb cap

 Let’s look at some of these changes:

Bluetooth – The Puffco Pro is able to operate from an app on your phone. This allows you temperature control down to the degree and personalized, customizable profiles so you can quickly get that session just right. The app also allows you to customize the color of the lights on the Peak Pro.

USB-C Charging – The Peak Pro upgraded to a USB-C charging port. This allows the unit to charge faster and more reliably.

Improved Carb Cap – The Peak Pro upgraded the carb cap from the original, giving it a more durable design and control of the airflow to the bowl.

Larger Ceramic Bowl – The ceramic bowl on the peak pro is 40% larger than the original, making it an ideal unit for enjoying large dabs, or for having group sessions with your friends.

On top of all this the Peak Pro boasts improved ergonomic design and a premium carrying case.



If you’re looking to upgrade your rig to a e-rig, either Puffco unit is a great choice. The Peak has some definite improvements, but both unit are highly effective, well made and easy to use.

Be sure to check out our website or blaze by and chat with one of our tokin' experts if your looking for more info about this awesome unit or anything else that you may be wondering about!



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