Picking the Perfect Pipe - What to look for in your new piece

Picking the Perfect Pipe - What to look for in your new piece

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I love pipes. The first time I ever got high, I used a pipe. My first piece (which I bought at Shell Shock in 2010) was a pipe. The portability and simplicity just can’t be beat! I’ve gone through many toking phases over the years, a bong phase, a joint phase, a blunt phase, a vaporizer phase, but I find I always come back to the comfort of the pipe. For my fellow pipe lovers out there - what do you look for in your pipes? I can tell you what I do, here’s a handy list of things to consider when buying your next pipe!
Thick Glass
For me, this is essential. Not only am I quite a klutz myself, but I love to go out with friends and smoke! The risk of dropping it on your own goes up significantly when you are passing it between people, and breakage is always a danger, especially while smoking out and about. This is why taking the time to find a pipe that’s made with quality thick glass is always worth it for me. I have dropped many a pipe and having a sturdy pipe has saved me countless times. Choosing a thicker pipe can sometimes double the lifespan of your precious piece!
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A lot off this is about your personal preference, but it’s very important! For example, have trouble with pipes because you find the smoke too hot? Grab yourself a longer pipe! The longer the pipe, the more time the smoke has to cool before it reaches your mouth. Instead of a 3-inh standard pipe, grab a gandalf-style pipe, you might find it quite a bit cooler. Sick of getting ash in your mouth? Pick up an ash catcher pipe! They come in all shapes and sizes and they all come with a convenient inverted mouthpiece that will catch any ashes that would otherwise be heading straight for your mouth. Something so small can make such a difference. Love the bong, but hate wrapping it in a towel and having to take your backpack with you solely for the purpose for taking a bong rip? The monsoon pipe by Chameleon Glass changed my life. It has the shape of a normal pipe (very pocket and purse-friendly) but has a chamber for water in the middle! The best thing is, it’s completely spill-proof. I fill it up before I leave for the day, tuck it in my purse and go about my day, I’ve never spilled a drop in my bag.
Okay, so this is all personal preference, but I find it’s really important. Once you have settled on a price range and a style, it’s all about the superficial stuff! How it feels in your hand, the size of the bowl, the length of the neck, the colour combination. Is the choke on the left side or the right? If you’re used to having it on the left, smoking can feel all wrong when it’s suddenly swapped to the other side. Bowl size is also important. Whether you’re someone who likes to share, or someone who prefers small personal bowls, having the right size bowl can be really convenient. It’s a sure-fire way to avoid over-packing and feeling wasteful, or needing to smoke multiple bowls every session. And don’t underestimate the colour choice. People can do such beautiful and creative things with glass these days, it truly has become an art form. Buying a hand-blown piece is like buying a piece of art - take pride in it, love the way it looks. 
There’s a lot that goes into picking the perfect piece - ultimately, you just have to find the one that feels right for you.
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