Newest Shell Shock : West Edmonton Mall

Newest Shell Shock : West Edmonton Mall

Shell Shock is expanding, we have opened our 4th location in Edmonton in the biggest mall in Canada, West Edmonton Mall. Located in Phase 4, at the west side of the mall just inside entrance 56 and near the Lego store, Shell Shock is an 18+ paraphernalia and cannabis culture shop ready to provide you with excellent toking advice and all the products you need to make your session all the better


We've been open and doing business with Edmonton's cannabis community for 21 years and we've valued every minute of it. we carry lots of beautiful handblown borosilicate glass for the connoisseur smokers but we have many options for simplistic, silly and economically friendly bongs, pipes and anything else you might be interested in. we will always strive to provide the highest quality of products and service we can in all of our stores.

we've got many high quality glass pipes available if you prefer the smaller more portable options, we enjoy working with many local, Canadian and American glassblowers to bring you something with character you can cherish for the years to come.

Shellshock and our employees take pride in selling you something you can use and enjoy for a long time and because of that we are happy to offer a discount on a travel case with the purchase of a glass pipe. Many of our cases feature carbon lining to ensure some smell proof stank protection for your rankest dankest pipe.

If glass isn't your thing we've got lots of metal, wood, silicone or ceramic smoking options. As-well as a healthy selection of dry herb and concentrate vaporizers for both on the go and at home. vaporizers come in many shapes and sizes like the good ol volcano desktop dry herb vape or the more recently released Dr.Dabber EVO or XS concentrate models to obviously the more discreet cartridge style vapes we carry it all in our shops.

we have lots of options for concealing or removing the smell of cannabis from your home, car or anywhere else you might have stunk up. We have a large variety of incense, odour sprays and candles. Especially smoke odor candles that are specially formulated to trap and diminish that dank stank. we do also carry a myriad of detox, masking options and synthetic urine in our shops if your trying to hide more than just the smell.

we have carried the wild berry brand incense for over a decade now and they've always stood out among the rest as some of the freshest and most potent smelling incense on the market. we find wild berry incense to be a very high quality premium grade incense. Always hand-dipped in only the finest scented oils in the USA with comparably more fragrance per stick with special fixative methods to keep the scent fresh and long-lasting. 

we seek to make your smoking sesh better than ever before and in pursuit of that we carry tons of options for general accessories like ashtrays, bong water flavouring, roach clips, flavoured papers and of course tons of funky rolling trays.

with our new West Ed adventure just beginning were eager to face new clientele and in the attempt to meet the new interests were seeing, we've brought in lots of sweet souvenirs, gifts, apparel and unique paraphernalia. We wanna keep people interested in the cannabis industry and the rituals of smoking but above all consuming it in a safe and comfortable manner. 

If your in the neighbourhood or if you find yourself in West Edmonton mall i urge you to come check out our new shop and say high! we provide a bright and uplifting environment with passionate friendly staff members to help you with anything you need. even if you just need a break from the crowds or the hustle and bustle of the mall come kick it with us for a bit, were happy to welcome anyone and everyone to shell shock, where its always 420!

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