May the Fourth be with you

May the Fourth be with you

Star Wars Smoking Gear


May the Fourth be with you and all your tokin ways.  SInce Star Wars first came out, marijuana tokers have been indulging and enjoying their favourite space epic.  At Shell Shock, we also have a lot of Star Wars fans that have graced our employ and have been more than happy to bring in accessories to enjoy both Star Wars and Cannabis.  The selection is vast, and can include pipes, dabbers, rigs, trays, bowls, bongs and everything that a toker can imagine.  Take a look at our selection, and see if any of these toking accessories can find their way into your collection.  Kick back, grab your favourite lightsaber and enjoy these wonderful items in our Star Wars Collection

Which side of the force are you on?  Choose your side with a nice decal Star Wars Pipe
Want a unique way to Dab.  Try out these Star Wars Lightsabers and rifle
Are you a Bobba Fett Fan?  Then this is the rig for you.  2 Bobba Fett marbles and a whole bunch of Star Wars decals covering this awesome rig
Not looking for anything to smoke out of.  How about a Star Wars Hat Pin to show your love.
Bring your toking to the next level with this Chewbacca dome or Queen Amidala bowl.  Rolling more your style, then you need this Dunkees Star Wars rolling tray

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