Legalization in YEG and what that means for Shell Shock

Legalization in YEG and what that means for Shell Shock

For nearly 20 years,  Shell Shock has been a business dedicated to promoting, educating, and supporting the medicinal, ecological, recreational, and spiritual benefits of cannabis.

We are entering a new ‘world of weed’… and with recent legalization in Canada, as well as more education and research than ever before, Shell Shock remains an industry leader in Edmonton.

We caught up with Colin, co-owner and asked a few questions about the company and his expectations for the cannabis industry in Edmonton as legalization approaches.




1) How did Shell Shock begin? Shell Shock began with the idea of a couple of young dreamers who thought that Edmonton needed a new and exciting Cannabis culture store.  After working at another shop, we saw the need to give the people the service they were asking for, and to bring all theses new and exciting product to the people.  This was before the internet was popular and we needed to inform people on what was out there and give them good quality products and customer service.  So we started on Whyte ave, and slowly are to what we are today.

2) What is your favorite thing about having a local Edmonton business? We love the people.  Working in retail it is nice to have face to face time with your customer.  We have had regulars who have been shopping with us for the whole time we have been open.  I have customers who we sold them their first pipe, or vape and 18yrs later, I can still talk to them about the first time they came in.  It feels like we have grown up together, and there is that connection.  Edmonton is Shell Shock’s home and we love supporting it, as the people have supported us

3) Any specific Shell Shock highlights or moments?  I think every day is a high light.  Over the years we have met so many exciting people, celebrities, glass blowers and industry titans.  It’s a highlight day when a new customer comes in a get their first pipe, even when that regular get his 10th piece. If I had to pick one or two, its being feature in the glass book, Smoked Vol2, as it was a pleasure to be featured along a whole bunch of awesome glass blowers.  Personally, it has been the opportunity to travel to Amsterdam for the Cannabis cup and experience what Europe has to offer

4) What trends for 2018/2019 can we expect in retail? Vaping, dabs, innovative products. ect.  As legalization approaches and becomes the law of the land, things will definitely change in how we consume, however I don’t see much game changers hitting the market. I think there will still be innovations in Vaping and glass, but expanding on the ideas we already have.  Edibles I think are going to be the big thing, and once people see how easy the Magic butter machine is, hopefully they will become as common as the coffee maker in consumers kitchens


5) How is Shell Shock keeping up with the ever-changing Marijuana legalization and what should customers expect from Shell Shock after legalization?  Once legalization happens, we will continue to provide the same excellent customer service and advice we always did. Shell Shock is l always looking to expand and reach new people, but these first few years we will see how we can best service our customers.  So look to Shell Shock to be that business that you grew up with, and now we will enter the new legalize together to provide the best in ways to enjoy your cannabis.


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