Growing Made Easy!

Growing Made Easy!

Weed Growing Tips


We are definitely no experts on growing your own cannabis but have been in the industry long enough to know a good thing when we see it.   We have been busy here at Shell Shock working on our green thumbs along with keeping up to date with all the new and exciting ways of consumption and usage.



It's also Canadian and all the way from the far, far east coast.  But it is has made it's glorious journey across our beautiful lands and has finally arrived in good old Alberta!


Kryptonite is an all natural, organic living soil.  It's a fully amended super soil designed for the cannabis industry requiring water only for the duration of your plant.  It has been tried,tested and trusted to take the guesswork of fertility and labour entirely out of the picture.  Our soil balances water retention and drainage, using only certified organic worm castings produced right there on site so they always know it's of great quality.  It's jam packed with natural amendments ( all permitted under CGSB 32-311 Organic Standards), sourcing as much locally as they can.  Mixed in small handmade batches to ensure the best quality and consistency of product at all times.


Kryptonite living soil is a growing medium that relies on the evolutionary relationship between microorganisms in the soil and root systems of the plant.  This is the way nature designed plants to grow.  The microorganisms breakdown the nutrients in the living soil and makes them readily available to the roots.  Research has shown that the roots will "communicate" with the microorganisms to let them know what they need.


Plants grown in living soil are innately healthy because nutrients are taken up in balance, and the soil is designed to ensure that the soil microbes have everything they need to fully provide for the plant.  Pests and plant diseases are opportunistic; healthy plants don't give pests and diseases the opportunity to attack, making pesticides unnecessary for the plants in a living soil.  When the soil itself works to both feed and protect the plant, there is little need for additional pesticides, fungicides, or harsh fertilizers.  It's important to pay attention to your plants and let the soil do the work for you.  


Hope that gave you some confidence in growing and hopefully you will give it a go.  Why not try your hand at a couple plants with Kryptonite and watch them flourish.  You can use Kryptonite from the beginning to the end and no flushing needed as it is an all natural product.

If your still not convinced, check out their blog section or come and talk to the staff.  Most of us use it and haven't been happier with the results we are seeing.  There is no time like now to get started if you have been considering it.  Kryptonite Soil is available in store at any of our 3 Shell Shock Locations.

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