Gettin' Schwifty with Shell Shock

Gettin' Schwifty with Shell Shock

Rick and Morty Smoking Gear for Every Occasion - Bongs, Pipes, Trays & More!


Wubba Lubba Dub Dub stoners! If you love Rick and Morty and enjoy cannabis, then Shell Shock has got you covered! We’ve got a range of Rick and Morty themed products for all your smoking needs. Whether you’re smoking a quick bowl outside Blips and Chitz before playing another round of Roy: A Life Well Lived or having a dab, fresh off the cob on Cob Planet.


Pipes are perfect if you’re travelling interdimensionally and our friends at Chameleon make some awesome Rick and Morty characters. Too bad you can’t summon a meeseeks to help you pack a bowl! If you’re tight on schmeckles we’ve got some cost effective themed pipes with Rick and Morty decals, including everyone's favourite pickle, Pickle Rick!


Like a little water filtration when you smoke? We’ve got 9” ice pinched beaker and straight bongs with decals that glow just like Toxic Rick and Morty after a detox at the spa. Why not accessorize your bong with a toker poker! A toker poker is perfect for bong smokers and is just about as handy as a plumbus! Toker Pokers are a case for a bic lighter that has a poker stick and a bowl tamper built in. Available in regular colours and Rick and Morty themed.

Now that you’ve got the tools to help get you riggity riggity wrecked! Let’s talk about accessories. If you’re into dabbing, then you know how important a good torch is. Dunkees torches are a staff favourite here at Shell Shock. They feature artwork by Dunkees, including many Rick and Morty themes, and have a lifetime warranty! Another must have for those who enjoy concentrates is a dab tool. Dab tools are often used to dab your concentrate onto your banger or nail, but comes in handy in other areas of stoner life, such as scraping resin out of a bowl, or using as a poking tool while rolling joints. Shell Shock has a wide selection of dab tools, including worrywart protagonist Morty! Oh geez.


Accessorize your smoking space or your secret lab and show off your love for Rick and Morty with rolling trays, dab pads, even artwork! Rolling trays have a non-stick surface and are great for keeping your joint rolling area clean. Dab pads work like a coaster for your glass pieces, helping to prevent a crash landing on your table. Come check out the art prints we have at our whitemud crossing location featuring original artwork signed by artist “Limited”.


While chillin at home watching some interdimensional cable, why not enjoy some colouring with your very own Official Rick and Morty colouring book! Featuring intricate patterns and all your favourite characters such as Krombopulos Michael, Mr. Meeseeks, Scary Terry, and many more! And in case your feet get cold while colouring we have Rick and Morty themed socks! Made by Good Luck Socks, a local company.


Grab your portal gun and head over to Shell Shock to grab all your Rick and Morty smoking and dabbing supplies in time for the season five premiere! And don’t forget 710 is coming up! Come on by to enter our raffle and get stocked up on all your dabbing needs for the holiday.

Peace among worlds, stoners!

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