Come see us in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Come see us in Animal Crossing New Horizons


We love Animal Crossing and everything is starting to blur together.  Does your game leave you wanting more in real life? Does it have you wondering about foraging flowers or supplies in real life that would suit your island well?  You are not alone... we got you! 

So of course it didn't take us long to find some areas on our islands to make some 420 tributes.  With the help of our designer apps, some nifty items found at Nook's Corner and those great little floating presents we were able to make our hazy stoner dreams come true.

These are some of our top items that get us in the mood to play ACNH...  We talked to Timmy and Tommy and they thought this was so cool.

Keep in theme with your game with some rolling papers and tasty puff drops.  Have your super cute fruit themed flavored joints all ready to go.  We got Juicy Jay Flavored Hemp Papers with the perfect fruit prints on them.  You can also take it up a notch by flavoring your herb with the matching Tasty Puff Flavor Drops.  Or, keep yourself guessing and mix and match for fun.

Be zen with your island and get matching incense burners!  With all different shapes and sizes we are sure to have something that channels your inner ANCH.  Not to mention all the awesome scents we have available.  We recommend the Wildberry Misty Mountain or Summer Day as complimentary scents for the game's current season. Wildberry has so many scents so there is always something for whatever mood setting you need.  The Juicy Jay Thai incense are also super fun and on point.  We also just got in some great Smoke Odor Candles that are beach themed.

Be sure to keep your "weeds" stink free with our Smelly Proof Bags ... we have bags of all sizes, so doesn't matter how many "weeds" you got stored up. Too bad collecting "weed" in real life was as easy as in ACNH.

Our most favorite activity on the island though is Star Gazing ... it's the perfect time to blaze and gaze!  I prefer having a couple one hits or using my Puffco Peak!  Using a one hitter is quick, easy and you get a fresh hoot everytime.  The Peak really makes getting a perfect dab everytime without having all that heating and cool down debacle.   There is no torch and you get really big rips so it's a really efficient unit.  You can also take it pretty much everywhere your switch goes as it cordless and rechargeable.  We also have a really nice selection of character, fruit, flower and sparkle pipes if that tickles your fancy at all.

Don't forget to go visit Harv's place ... he's the coolest. He has his own private island that is super dank. We love to visit him for 420 and hang out for a minute while we sesh in real time!   Show your support and love by using our designer app code to make your own Shell Shock booth.  We also catalogued a bunch of our Animal Crossing Shell Shock Items.  Use ACNH10 for your special Nook discount on items in this collection.  Feel free to use our comments section to share more fun 420 codes with everyone.


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