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Cannabis Camping Essentials by Tyrone

The snow has melted and you have found some time to get away into the outdoors.  These are some of the essentials you need when heading out into the back 40 for a little rest and relaxation this year. The staff at Shell Shock has curated a little collection of must haves toking devices and accesories to make your camping experience even better

Medtainer.  Stash and grinder all in one.  This is probably the best acrylic grinder on the market and has definitely won our praises with its great functionality.  Also it is very camping safe, in that it won't break, or if lost, not a very expensive to replace

Medtainer Grinder Stash Acrylic Shell Shock Edmonton Canada

Flight 420 Dugout combo.  Enjoy it all with this 3 in 1 combo.  So if you like a one hitter this might be the camping accessory for you This metal stash has a built in grinder, stash, lighter holder and a one hitter for those tokes around the campfire

Flight 420 Dugout grinder Stash SHell Shock Edmonton Canada

Silicone Bong. Silicone bongs were made for smoking in the great outdoors.  Choose from a variety of styles, and get toking. These silicone wonders are basically indestructable, and can take the heat. Whether on the beach, around the fire, or hiking up a mountain, silicone bongs bring the party to your toke session. 

Silicone Bong Water pipe Shell Shock edmonton Canada

Storage.  There are some really great storage devices for keeping your cannabis safe.  We are leaning towards the doob tube, or tight pac containers.  These convenient storage device keep all your rolled doobies in one place.  Also good for the hike, they are watertight, in case you happen to come across some wet trails.

Tight Pac Doob Tube Storage Stash Shell SHock Edmonton Canada

Fisherman's Friend Pipe Compact, and easy to pack for hikes, the fisherman's friend is a classic.  Made from hardwood and metal, this pipe does it all, and the fact that is folds up makes it all the better.  Take it on a day hike, or bring it along for sessions around the fire, you can always find an outdoor use for the fisherman's friend.

Fisherman's friend wood Pipe Shell Shock Edmonton Canada Cannabis

Raw or Element Artesano papers When you are out camping your want a nice compact rolling station.  With the Artesano papers, you get that convenience.  A little rolling tray, papers and filters all come with this setup.  No more rolling on rocks, or using the car manual.

Raw Artesano Rolling Papers Shell Shock Edmonton Alberta Canada

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