Blunts, smoking like a Rap star.

Blunts, smoking like a Rap star.

What is a blunt? What kinds of blunts are there, and why do some people prefer them over other means of cannabis consumption?

A blunt refers to marijuana that is rolled or wrapped in a tobacco leaf or a cigar wrap instead of a traditional rolling paper.

There is a small variety of "blunt" paper available today. We used to be able to buy cheap cigars and replace the tobacco with our herb of choice - and while this is still common - some companies such as Juicy Jay, Royal Blunt or Backwoods cigars make products designed with the idea of rolling them with cannabis in mind. Blunt paper manufactured out of industrial hemp or "Hemp wraps" are also becoming increasingly popular with brands such as Juicy J, Kingpin and Royal Blunt making very flavourful and cost effective alternatives to the standard tobacco paper.

Blunts generally hit you harder than a standard joint, being that you're not only feeling the effects of cannabis, but also the tobacco in the wrap, and this can make for a very intense sensation. Some hemp wraps now-a-days are terpene infused. This makes them feel stronger by kicking in that "entourage effect" when you pair good terps with THC!

Blunts are seen all over social media, being that they are large and flashy, this makes them very popular among celebrities, social media personalities, rappers or anyone else looking to make a statement. True tobacco blunts such as backwoods can be quite expensive averaging over $20 a pack. With this in mind they can be something of a status symbol. 

Check out these different blunt brands and choose the one that is right for you

Royal Blunts:

These blunts are organic, all natural, and slow burning wraps made from the finest European hemp, ensuring a smooth and slow toke. Hemparillo's can be purchased in regular wrap format or in pre-rolled cones, with each package having a shelf like of 18 months!


These hemp wraps feature a folded crease on the wrap, making them super easy to roll. Kingpin wraps are made from natural toasted hemp, and are packaged in a locked, resealable package to trap moisture and maintain a quality blunt. They come in four different flavours and certainly won't disappoint.

Juicy Jays:

Juicy wraps are made with their famous "triple-dip" flavour system to ensure the best flavour possible. They're sealed extra tight for guaranteed freshness, maintaining moisture and staying delicious. You can get classic flavours like Grape Gone Wild or Mango Papaya, or you can try their terpene infused wraps in delicious dessert flavours like Lemon Cake and Cherry Pie!



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