Acil Duo The Hard Hitting Double Cart Smoking Dynamo

Acil Duo The Hard Hitting Double Cart Smoking Dynamo

Acil Cartridge Vapes

If your in the market for a new 510 vaporizer, maybe something that'll actually last more that a few weeks? Boy do we have the thing for you, the Acil box is a high quality but still affordable and most of all discreet 510 cartridge battery. physically resembling that of an e juice disposable vape similar to a "Mr.fog or Doozy".

Operated by a discreet tap function on the bottom of the unit beside the charging port, it features four different temperature options indicated by a light also on the bottom of the unit and a preheat setting for nice phat hits. the Acil box also functions through auto draw so you dont actually need to touch anything just inhale to heat the unit to your chosen temperature. Also features a Usb-c type charger for fast and efficient charging.

Acil box single shell shock
















Now available is the upgraded, the new and improved Acil Box Duo featuring all the great functionality from the single unit in a brand new design featuring TWO cartridge slots.

Thats right you can smoke two carts at the same time or chose to smoke one or the other! This is a sophisticated, covert and high quality vaporizer sure to impress any cartridge smoker. With high quality craftsmanship and materials the Acil Boxes are sure to last you a long time even as an everyday smoker. featuring 4 temperature settings - 2.5, 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0 volts USB-C Charging Cable included for fast, efficient charging. 


Acil duo


If you find yourself burning through battery after battery i recommend giving one of these guys a try you wont be disappointed. pick one up at Shell Shock today in store or online at


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