What To Do This 4/20

What To Do This 4/20

How To Celebrate 4/20 in Style This Year


The last few years have been a strange time for the world and for Canadian cannabis. Covid 19 hit while our recreational industry was still in its infancy in many ways. Despite the weird years, now we're all free to celebrate our love of cannabis and protest the remaining prosecution and restrictions put on cannabis usage throughout our country. It's been a while since I myself was at any major 4/20 gathering, but this year i plan to spend it a bit more like I did when I was younger, with lots of huge doobies in defiance of the man!

Of course, prior to legalization most Edmontonians would gather around the legislature building and consume their cannabis openly as a form of peaceful protest, however in recent years the number of us flocking to the legislature grounds has dwindled more and more every year as people lose sight of things to protest about cannabis usage now that recreational and medical cannabis is so accessible.

Although we certainly have no shortage of weed in this country, we still don't consume it freely. Examples include persecution of cannabis consumers in many of our essential workforces and industries. With designated areas for public consumption whereas cigarette smokers can enjoy almost anywhere. Cannabis is still marginalized and us as consumers are still looked down upon in so many social and professional situations. For reasons like these, I think we still have lots to fight for and 4/20 can still be a call for change even after we've legalized cannabis. I'll be enjoying it at the legislature with my homies this year and I hope you join me after hitting our 420 sale!

4/20 is just another day for many of us everyday stoners and that's why you don't even necessarily need to leave your home. Get a big old bag of your favorite herb and a copy of your favorite flick, some munchies, maybe a nice beverage and just enjoy the day on your couch in the comfort of your own home. Nothing beats holidays at home and for us heavy stoners what more important holiday could there be to enjoy the way it's meant to be, that is with a big fat blunt in between your lips. Shellshock420.com also has all your at home shopping needs covered with speedy overnight shipping and free shipping over $75 available, but you know to really take advantage of our 4/20 sales you might have to come check out the shops in person.

After smoking weed all day and eating yourself into an early grave you can try to muster the strength to attend the sherwood park music festival hosted on April 20th this year. This is a festival for artists to showcase their talents in one of the premier entertainment venues around Edmonton. Shows will include live music concerts, live theater of different types. You're liable to see anything from jazz to francophone to aboriginal music and dance shows hosted throughout the night. The festival also offers many different music and dance related courses for people who really enjoy their time there. 

Ab-soul is also going to be attending Union Hall on 4/20 this year so for any fans of Ab-soul and TDE music the show should be starting around 8pm on April 20th and is definitely gonna be a pretty hazy venue with Ab-soul in the house. There's plenty of live music and theater going on in Edmonton on April 20th but I think Ab-soul is gonna be a pretty popular one so better get your tickets while you still can!

Last but not least for the quieter crowd that needs a little more relaxing end to their night you can try dining in the dark at the Stanhope Eatery and Bar.

Have you ever wondered what it's like to eat in the dark? (Maybe not i mean i know i've been stoned eating toast at 2 am like at least 3 days this week so i think i have some perspective)

Studies show that 80% of people eat with their eyes as well as mouth and nose. The theory is that with the elimination of sight the other senses namely smell and taste are heightened to in turn elevate your dining experience to a whole new level of flavor. Featuring a variable and exciting surprise menu Get your tickets now and immerse yourself in a vivid and exciting interactive experience. 

However you choose to spend your 4/20 even if you just have to go to work or school and it ends up being a regular day. I hope you get to enjoy a nice fat joint or a big juicy bowl, maybe a sweat-inducing dab to top it all of. Whatever it is you like I hope you get to get high like you deserve to on 4/20 and if you need any new glassware or equipment to get you there our four shellshock locations across Edmonton will be hosting in store sales to help ensure we can all enjoy the day properly.


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