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Mega Clean VS. Mega Clean NT: What's The Difference?

Mega Clean VS. Mega Clean NT Detox Drink Cleanse

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Detoxify has long been trusted as the herbal cleanse solution for people who want to live their lives on their terms while working hard to maintain that lifestyle. For more than a decade, one of our most well-known products has been Mega Clean, the original big badass bottle of detox that was designed to work for just about anyone with any toxicity. Last year, they introduced Mega Clean NT, differentiating it from its older brother, and that has also created some confusion that we’d like to clear up.

What happened to the original Mega Clean?

Mega Clean was our most powerful cleanse offering for a long time. Originally, it was part of our High Toxins, No Time (HTNT) product line due to its ability to help your body’s systems work more effectively without much time to precleanse by avoiding toxins. As with all of our products, we still recommend a 24-48 hour precleanse beforehand as an extra measure that will boost the efficacy of the products. What we found, was that many of our loyal customers that were using Mega Clean were pre cleansing before they used the product.

Some were pre cleansing because they believed that they were too toxic for the product to work in no time, and others were simply following the instructions. As a result, we adjusted the positioning of the product to fit the way it has been used by our consumers. Mega Clean was moved out of our HTNT lineup and Mega Clean NT was introduced.


What’s the big difference?

The “NT” in Mega Clean NT stands for “No Time” and the cleanse regimen has been redesigned with a better flavor profile and an additional meta boost capsule that drastically expedites the cleansing process, truly making Mega Clean NT an HTNT product. With the addition of an extra helping of Metaboost, consumers can trust that Mega Clean NT will have their bodies clean for 3-5 hours after use, even if they don’t have time to precleanse. 


How to Tell Which Mega Clean You’re Using

Mega Clean comes in a red, 32 oz bottle and has yellow lettering for the product name. Mega Clean NT comes in a large red box with blue product name lettering that includes a similar-looking red bottle, also with blue lettering, and a small package containing a blue Metaboost pill. If your cleanse didn’t come in a box or it didn’t come with the capsule, then you’re using our standard version of Mega Clean. 


In a nutshell, the difference between Mega Clean and Mega Clean NT is a slightly better flavor profile with less sugar and an additional Metaboost capsule that is included in the NT offering. This allows the product to take action much quicker than the standard version of Mega Clean, which still works just as great as it always has if you’ve got a little more time to avoid ingesting or intaking the toxins you’re trying to cleanse. 


If you’d like more information about Mega Clean, Mega Clean NT or our entire line of detox products, take a moment to check out their product pages.


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