False Positive on a Drug Test.  What Can Cause It, and What to Avoid.

False Positive on a Drug Test. What Can Cause It, and What to Avoid.

How to Avoid a False Positive on a Drug Test


At Shell Shock we have been helping people pass their drug tests for over 2 decades and sometimes there are things that we take or are exposed to that might cause you to fail your drug.  If you ever thought that you should have passed a drug test, and failed, it might be something you have taken that has given a false positive.

There are a few products that might give you false positive for THC.  Vitamin supplements can cause a false positive, especially those that contain riboflavin.  Most supplements are made synthetically, however riboflavin can be derived from hemp seeds. Check to see what type of riboflavin you are taking and how it is made.  Ibuprofen, which is common in some headache medication can also lead to a false positive, for a couple of drugs including THC, barbiturates, or benzodiazepines.  So if you have a headache before your test, try to use aspirin or acetaminophen to take that headache away. 

Hemp food products may also lead to you failing your drug test.  Now a days people are trying to be healthy and lots of health foods may contain hemp.  Be aware of what you are eating and try to avoid them before your test, as your body will give off metabolites that may contribute to you failing.

CBD.  Even though CBD doesn't get you high, your body will release metabolites which are similar to THC ones and can lead to a failed test.  Drug tests don't differentiate between CBD and THC, as they are from the same plant.

Some people believe that second hand smoke can also affect your drug test.  This is a false misconception.  You would need to be in very small space with someone smoking large amounts of marijuana.  The chances that this will happen to you is very very small.

For other drugs below is a chart that lists some of the common things that you may take, that might lead to a false positive drug test.

If you take or eat: You could test positive for:
Cold remedies Amphetamine
Hay fever remedies Amphetamine
Nasal decongestants Amphetamine
Diet pills Amphetamine
Sleep aids Barbiturates
Poppy seeds* Opiates/morphine


We hope this list gave you some things to avoid before you take your drug test.  This list isn't all inclusive, and there are always other things you may take that can lead to a false positive.  So before a drug test try to be as healthy as possible, drink plenty of fluids (water) and avoid the product that might lead to a false positive.

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