Got the Munchies? Some Edmonton spots to hit.

Got the Munchies? Some Edmonton spots to hit.

Every professional stoner gets the munchies, and here at Shell Shock we take our munchies very seriously. We love getting our crew together to explore our city’s culinary scene after nice sinsemilla session. 

Next time you find yourself stoned and craving something sweet, Check out Yelo'd on Whyte avenue. Just a block away from our premiere location. This locally owned, unique ice-cream spot is just what your taste buds will enjoy after having a few hits off your vape. With Filipino flavors like ube and keso, get ready to try something out of the ordinary.

Yelo'd Edmonton Shell Shock Munchies

There are some designated green spaces on Whyte ave to enjoy your cannabis and your new found munchies, check this city map out for more details.

Smoking in public can still be tricky. Joints are smelly once you bring them out of your doob tube and light them up. Pipes, although portable, can really create bystander curiosity. But the discrete DaVinci can keep you stoned, while not bringing any unwanted attention while you’re out and about on the ave. Slender, almost odorless, and wind resistant this trusted unit can pack a punch. If you grip the upgraded explorer addition, it comes with an extra battery, so you’ll always be ready to vape it up.

Sometimes discretion isn’t what you’re looking for, and you just want to hit a nice, big Juicy Jay hemp blunt.  Hemp blunts are a great option instead of the traditional tobacco wraps. With naturally occurring CBDs, hemp wraps are the way to go. After big blunt hoots, a savory plate is just what Dr. Kronic ordered. We love gripping and Uber heading north of our downtown location on 124 Street, to Northern Chicken. Nothing satisfies more after a hazy sesh.. like fried chicken, fresh brewed sweet tea and Dorito mac and cheese. Yum!

Northern Chicken Mac n Cheese Shell Shock Edmonton Canada

Maybe you are just feeling a bit peckish and need something sweet to get you through your day.  You've woken up your tummy has a bit of a grumble.  A quick trip to Destination donuts, will definitely help you out of that jam.  Choose from unique weekly selections of donuts to tempt anyone's sweet tooth. Our personal favourites include the oreo, or rolo donuts.  These donuts are paired well with a good bong hit, when you get the box home.  Or even a nice pipe toke on the patio, while enjoying these fantastic creations.  Check out our wide selection of pipes and bongs to make you culinary adventure even more exciting.  We recommend a nice Chameleon pipe, or if you are into bongs, a Piranha glass bong will more than do the trick 

Destination donuts Shell Shock Edmonton Canada

Whether you looking for something to munch on or something cool to enjoy your Mary Jane with, Shell Shock is the place to start. Our knowledgeable staff not only can fit you into the vape that meets your needs. We can also share our fave munchies spots around the city because isn't that what helpful stoners do.

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