Cool Gadgets to Bring to Your Next Social Gathering

Cool Gadgets to Bring to Your Next Social Gathering

Cool Weed Gadgets and Devices


Shell Shock is here to help you safely consume your cannabis as we enter what we all hope is our final reopening. As we recover, reunite and start to see each other more we're all going to start smoking a little more too. So we've compiled a list of some newer and some  customer favourites around the shop to help you stay stony at those summer bbq’s and days at the lake. From cases to sturdy and sneaky pipes, plus some other cool gadgets, Shell Shock is here for you.


Journey Pipe

This pipe is perfect for the average consumer or the experienced connoisseur. The low profile protective case allows you to travel safely with your journey pipe everywhere! Ergonomic, highly durable and it’s portable build makes this product a long standing customer favourite.

  • Made from zinc alloy
  • Heat resistant
  • Non toxic
  • Won’t break
  • Magnetic locking system
  • Screenless
  • Comes with travel case

Genius Pipe 

The genius pipe is the ultimate travel or home bound smoking pipe. With its patented easy to clean waterless filter the genius pipe is consistently a smooth and hearty smoking experience second to none. 

  • Built-in filter ensures smoke must pass through hundreds of tiny divots creating a series of small vortexes to cool the smoke before reaching your mouth to establish a smooth and consistent draw every time
  • Consists of non toxic aircraft grade anodized aluminum coupled with its filtration technology provides consistent and pronounced flavour time after time
  • Incredibly sleek and discreet, not only does the profile remain slim enough to fit comfortably in a pocket, purse or handbag but the magnetic sliding cover of the pipe also acts as a travel cover for a prepacked bowl
  • Easy to clean - separate the pipe into the 3 pieces and wipe it with 70% alcohol wipes with extra attention paid to the screen divots after simply wipe with a dry cloth


The Voyager by Ookeoo 

Ookeo has established themselves as THE major player on the stash case market as the quality craftsmanship and materials make for a stand alone product while maintaining an affordable price point. Very versatile and reliably protective product.

  • Tough 1680D outer fabric, this ballistic nylon has high anti abrasive properties, it can withstand extreme temperature conditions, is mildew and water resistant, and made to protect and repel ultra violet rays
  • Superior smell control due to the activated carbon lining and lined zipper seam
  • Weatherproofed zipper
  • Convenient removable low profile rolling tray
  • Ergonomic carry handle
  • Integrated combination lock
  • Removable storage dividers
  • Discreet and convenient portable storage
  • Canadian company

The Bluntski by Herbs of Culture

Herbs of Culture has revolutionized the “glunt” industry with this brand new game changing device. The bluntski is remarkably compact and easy to use. A built in diffuser in the air channel helps guarantee a smooth and consistent inhale time after time.

  • Includes an extra glass tube and silicone cap so you can keep a tube packed and ready to go during your travels.
  • The hemp storage pouch helps keep your extra glass or any extra product safe and secure.
  • Easy to clean once disassembled by soaking or wiping with alcohol.
  • Included with your bluntski: 1 complete bluntski, 2 silicone caps, 1 extra glass flavour cylinder, 1 cleaning brush,1 filter poker, 1 organic storage pouch, three metal mouthpiece screens.

Green Jay Electric Lighter 

The green jay sits a step above other electric lighters as the slim profile ensures comfortable transport in pockets or purses and its built in safety features help to minimize unwanted firing.

  • Built in 10 second timer to ensure the heating element does not stay lit if accidentally fired in a bag or pocket
  • Easy to clean coil, simply heat for the 10 second duration and wipe the coil clean with an alcohol swab
  • LED charge status indicator means you're never guessing when your green jay is done charging (takes approximately 2 hours from 0%)




Ryot Dugouts

Dugouts are a pocket size rectangular shaped box that holds a one hitter and has a stash for your pre ground herb. All dugouts made by Ryot also have a cleaning tool located in the base of the dugout. They have been a customer favourite for years at Shell Shock because they are so easy to quickly pack and use anywhere.

  • Available in two sizes 
  • Different materials available (wood, acrylic plastic, metal)
  • Magnetic cleaning device (replacements sold at Shell Shock) 
  • Variety of options for one hitters
  • Fully packed stash area will last most users at few days
  • Magnetic swivel lid makes packing and using one hitter quick and discreet



Mouthpeace Filters by Moose Labs

The Mouthpeace is a personal silicone mouthpiece with a carbon filter that filtrates your smoke. They are a game changer! They make sharing bongs (certain pipes will fit too) or joints way more sanitary which is great news, now that we’re allowed to see each other again!

  • Comes in two sizes - regular and mini
  • Made from biodegradable and recycled materials
  • Triple-layer activated carbon filters will sanitize smoke
  • Enhances flavors by removing resins, toxins, and tar
  • Filter doesn’t block intake or reduce airflow
  • Using the no-touch design, eject the Filter by pushing it up and out with your thumb from the side of the MouthPeace
  • Replacement filters come in packs of ten
  • Includes lanyard 


Swing by Shell Shock to pick up something cool to show off to your friends for your next social gathering. Have fun and stay safe stoners!

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