Camping essentials recommended by Amy

Camping essentials recommended by Amy

It's finally camping season… they lifted the fire ban and it’s time to get lit!!  Who doesn't love sitting around a campfire and passing the bong or joint around. To help make your camping a lot more lit, Shell Shock has a few “camping essentials” that I never forget, if you know what I mean!
If you’re an outdoorsy kinda stoner like me, you probably like to keep it simple.  I like my bong hoots, joints and a dab or two. I’m able to do it all with these 3 essentials and these things combined, weigh under 2.5 lbs. You might even have a moment and forgot you brought them all.
I'Il present to you the Piece Maker Kirby; it’s the ultimate outdoor bong as it is pretty much indestructible.  It is fully silicone, including the down stem. It has a metal bowl, lighter holder, ice pinch, glows in the dark … I could go on forever.  Oh yeah, did I mention you never have to bubble wrap it up. The bowl cover doubles up as a beer bottle lid, you can have your cake and eat it too. Or should I say, have your hoots and drink too!
 Piecemaker Kirby Silicone Bong Shell Shock Edmonton Canada
I also like to have all kinds of joints rolled, you never know what the occasion will be. Do you need some Sativa, Indica, Hybrid or a big old blunt?? No pressure, just bring them all with the Chrontainer… fits all kinds of joints. If you are in a hurry, just fill it full of nugs and put a pack of your favorite papers in there.  Some of my personal favorites are Skunk Flavored, Backwoods, Raw Black, and OCB Ultimate. Don’t forget to always rock a pack of Shell Shock filters and to carry a portable ashtray like the RAW Pocket Tray. Being mindful to keep your roaches away from all our furry, forest friends is all our business.
Chrontainer Airtight Stash Shell Shock Edmonton Canada                    Raw Pocket ashtray Shell Shock Edmonton Canada
I know what your thinking… having your dab rig out camping?? That’s crazy talk!   Leave your beauties at home and pack the Nectar Collector Hummingbird instead.  It doesn’t require a big old torch to heat up and it’s super quick.  You can put water it in and carry it around with its spill proof feature. All you need is fire so you don’t have to worry about running out of power like your vape pen.  Be one with nature and be like hummingbird.   

HoneyBird Nectar Collector Shell Shock Edmonton Canada Glass Concentrates dabs 

I think that about covers the essentials this tokin girl likes to take when she heads out into the wilderness, or a relaxing time by the lake.  One last tidbit to tell you about before you are off.  Try bringing a magnifying glass with you on your adventures.  You will get to experience the outdoor with a pure sun fed hoot.  Replace your lighter with nature. Nothing beats that, especially when you are enjoying some outdoor time.  Have fun, be safe and enjoy.



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