Piranha Crush Can Grinder

Piranha Crush Can Grinder

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Grinder/Stash Jar

Piranha crush can grinder combos take cannabis storing to a whole new level by integrating a grinder into the container itself. This large herb grinder holds 3.5g of herbs and features a sturdy hemp fibre construction, ultra sharp grinding teeth and is made in the USA. This environmentally friendly hemp fibre material reduces the carbon footprint and strengthens the product. The search for the best grinder storage container is over. The crush can is sleek, easy to fit in your pocket and uses a child resistant locking mechanism. 

 Crush Can Grinder Features:

  • Holds 3.5g of Herbs
  • Made in the USA
  • Child Resistant and BPA Free
  • Ultra Smooth Grinder
  • Sturdy Hemp Fibre Construction