Chameleon Pipes Printed
rick and morty chameleon printed pipes - shell shock
beam me up chameleon printed pipes - shell shock
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real eyes realize real lies chameleon printed pipes - shell shock
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natural justice chameleon printed pipes - shell shock
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never get high on your own supply chameleon printed pipes - shell shock
rick and morty wubba lubba chameleon printed pipes - shell shock
rick and morty chameleon printed pipes - shell shock
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rick and morty chameleon printed pipes - shell shock
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rick and morty chameleon printed pipes - shell shock

Chameleon Pipes Printed


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Print Glass Pipes

The Canna Crown Rick Glass Pipe is the newest addition to the Smoke a B.O.L. line of glass pipes offered to provide an affordable themed piece that everyone has access to.

The Get Schwifty Label Glass Pipe is one of the many ruminations and philosophical meanderings we hear on the show. This one is a season 1 gem that R&M sing to the Cromulons, however, the accepted meaning (which is something along the lines of lets get wasted and have sex) is quite a bit different from solving climate change. Hey, those are both good things to do, so, pick one up and you decide how you want to Get Schwifty!

The Riggity Wrecked Glass Pipe is a simple spoon with Rick preaching the gospel of .. Rick .. and partying – Time To Get Riggity Riggity Wrecked Son! I agree, and this glass pipe (and Rick) will help you get there.

The Wubba Lubba Dub Dub Glass Pipe is the next in a series of pipes devoted to Rick-isms from my favorite show. I chose this saying for our medical patients since according to the Bird, it is loosely defined as ‘Help me, I am in great pain‘. Sure Mr. Sanchez, we believe you. Oops, my melange-o-meter is ringing, time to open a portal and pick up some Kalaxian Crystals…don’t they make my red eyes blue! Two colours, white or blue

The Precious Glass Pipe is an homage to my favorite of all time read. Be careful, if you have a pipe other than this one, you may feel the call from Precious to meet in the depths of Mordor…  Comes in either Black or White

The Empirebel Label Glass Pipe is not only about what uniform you wear, but also your philosophy for bowl filling: Do you bring the dark dank Space Funk or the light stank Space Queen? Either way, they both get brought in on rogue smuggling ships, you know, the ones that can make the Kessel run in 12 parsecs, can outrun Imperial Cruisers (not the local bulk cruisers either, I’m talking Corellian Class Destroyers) and don’t drop their load at the first sight of trouble.

The Beam Me Up Star Trek Glass Pipe serves as your personal teleporter to the unknown! Scotty, beam me down to the surface, sensors indicate a growing concentration of Space Funk OG, we’ll need to trade with the indigenous peoples to stock up for our negotiations with the Romulans (all they got is Reggie).

The Natural Justice Glass Pipe is here for when the system fails and the only place you can turn….is to a bowl of fresh leafy green, I mean, who wants to be all kinds of pissed off mad at the world all the time anyway….life’s too short, right? So, when you’re at that level, get out this handy attitude adjustment device, spark it up, and in a few minutes, you’ll remember, it’s a comic, and you are not in the mood to double as a Punisher.

The Real Eyes Glass Pipe is an homage to an artist taken before the time in the middle of the prime. Too often, the chaos of life overshadows the thinkers; the people who search within to find meaning for themselves and then share it with others in a way that is significant. 2Pac leaves us with his art, a lyrical legacy to visit and listen to his take on life’s meanings as his struggles seem so very much like our own from a new perspective.

The Never Get High On Your Own Supply Glass Pipe is our way of paying respect to a societal truth teller who spoke to power through his art and lyrics. When we look into the pages of history, often, the most telling artifacts are those of the people who lived in, not lead, a civilization. We often see the trappings of ancient civilizations from the perspective of it’s politicians and celebrities, but what is always more telling of these societies is the art of the people. Biggie is one of the voices recording and chronicling the art of the people in our time because our real life is less sexy and maybe doesn’t rate the headlines or the new drama series on the tube. Yet, the art of the people is raw and its real power with us comes from how his art speaks from within us. 

The Deathly Hallows Glow in the Dark Glass Pipe signifies your ability to secretly puff unseen, win any ‘cup’ battle and while that bowl looks dead and gone, with a waive of a poker, bring it back to life for one more dance  And, while you are secretly moving about under cover of your Hallow, the Glow in the Dark glass can help light your way!  

The Kiss Me I'm Highrish Label Glass Pipe helps you enjoy St. Patrick’s Day celebrations all year long!

Hand Made in USA

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