Raw Bags and Totes
Raw Bags and Totes
Raw Bags and Totes
Raw Bags and Totes
Raw Bags and Totes
Raw Bags and Totes

Raw Bags and Totes

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RAW Bags and Totes

Raw has come upwith some great bag accesories to help you take all your fun accesories out for the night or day. Check them out and see how you can take your stash out safely


The RAW Dank Locker CarryRAWl is perfect for smokers on the go who bring the good but don’t want to smell like the good! Features an integrated combination lock, double siliconized smell-reducing zippers, hard-sided cross-elastic accessory panels (for holding your papers, tips, lighters, etc.), 5+1 smell-proof design including a full foil ¼ oz sized terp locking bag, quick access outer zipper pouch, easy carry handle, and RAWesome styling!


The RAWK & ROLL ALL NIGHT bag is RAWesomely designed for you to bring everything – and I mean EVERYTHING you could need for a night out smoking!


This badass bag has RAW watermark faded over smoky black and a contrasting RAW RED interior. The Center pouch has a triple bag-within-a-bag configuration featuring an internal, smell-proof, activated carbon, 5-layer pouch PLUS a foil smell locking bag. The lower section has discreet padded pull-out tube storage with a siliconized zipper!
There’s an easy-access outer deep pocket, 5 non-slip grip pads on the bottom of the bag and so much more!!!

  • Triple bag-within-a-bag configuration
  • Smell proof, activated carbon 5 layer pouch
  • Foil smell locking bag
  • Pull-out tube storage with siliconized zipper
  • Easy-access outer deep pocket
  • 5 non-slip grip pads


RAW x Rolling Papers Sling Bag

RAW x Rolling Papers Sling Bag can be used either over-the-shoulder or as a fanny pack. Intelligently designed for real smokers, it features multiple pouches, foil lining, smell-proof interior, hidden back zipper for storage, coated zippers and more! Just be sure you don’t forget where you hid your stash 


Raw Mini Duffle

The RAW Duffle Dank Locker Mini Bag is the perfect smell-blocking carrying case for your whole setup! It features RAW's bag-in-a-bag terp saving technology, cross straps for grab and go stuff, and a large open interior area for storing and stashing! RAW also included a child and roommate proof built-in combo lock.

Dimensions: 12” x 5.5” x 5.5”


  • Includes removable smell proof foil lined pouch
  • Water resistant
  • Numerous storage compartments
  • Built-in Combo Lock
  • Elastic Cross Straps
  • Silicone gasketed double zippers


The ROLLING PAPERS x RAW Trapp Kit is your ultimate smokers journey kit. Not only does it TRAPP odors with 6 layers of odor blocking materials but it has a unique cross cord/strap design to hold all of your smoking accessories.

Trappin ain’t easy!! #RAWlife