Happy 10 Year 710!!

Happy 10 Year 710!!

 710 - 420 for Dabs


  We all know the story of 420, (if not, check out the story of 420 here) but what’s the deal with this new fangled 710?

   Well, basically it’s 420 but for dabs and on July 10th.  But how did 710 come to be? Heat up a nail, and let’s find out…

  The name 710 derives from 710 being OIL upside down. There’s even an old joke about a guy going into a mechanic shop and asking to have his 710 cap replaced. However, is took a while for 710 to become synonymous with THC concentrates.

  The story begins in TinyChat virtual smoking sessions between a few cannabis entrepreneurs and enthusiasts from Healthstone Glass, Bee Hive Oil Clothing, and Highly Educated TI. While it’s hard to pin down where exactly 710 started, the person most responsible for popularizing is Taskrok of Highly Educated TI, a rapper, entrepreneur and dab innovator. In addition to coining 710 as a shorthand for dabbing, Taskrok is credited with popularizing the domeless nail, coming up with the original design for enails, and developing the carb cap. All around a real dab renaissance man! Despite his role in founding 710, Taskrok does not claim ownership of the holiday and believes it belong to the community.

 Much like 4/20, 7/10 has grown from a small group hanging out to a legitimate holiday among stoners. There is now a 710 Club, a 710 strain, a 710 cup, the 710 society, and countless 710 themes products.

 While the exact date 710 started up is unclear, but it was sometime between in the later half of 2010, making July 10 2011 the first official 7/10, so happy 10th anniversary everyone!

Be sure to check out the website or visit us in-store for all things 710 happening right now!


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