Celebrate 710 with Shell Shock and Yo Dabba Dabba

Celebrate 710 with Shell Shock and Yo Dabba Dabba

Whether you’re new to the scene or are veteran-status, nothing feels better than breaking in brand new dab tools. In honor of 710, Shell Shock is teaming up with Yo Dabba Dabba to hook up one lucky winner at each location with a giveaway prize that includes every tool you need to celebrate the official holiday in style. Anyone 18+ who purchases a Yo Dabba Dabba product from Shell Shock in-store or online can enter to win.

If this is your first summer celebrating 710, welcome to the party! Shell Shock and Yo Dabba are here to answer any questions you have to ensure a safe and stoney holiday. We know dabbing can seem intimidating at first, but there are smiling faces at the shop who know how to steer you in the right direction. And, if you get home and forget some of their tips, fear not. Yo Dabba Dabba’s got you. Dab University is a video series that breaks down beginner basics and how to use and care for your dab tools. 

If you’re a daily dabber, Yo Dabba can drop some knowledge for you, too. Any pro can feel like a newbie with a brand new banger because different styles require different heat-up and cool-down times to reach the perfect temperature. So, the brand provides times for each style of banger they offer to cut the guessing game down. Follow them on Instagram @yodabbadabbatools for helpful tips and tricks, product demonstrations, and more info on how to get the most out of their tools.


Not familiar with Yo Dabba Dabba? No problem. Shell Shock is ready to give you a solid introduction. The Arizona-based brand has been around since the beginning and was one of the first to offer titanium and ceramic dab nails to the masses. The Yo Dabba team takes market research seriously, and personally vets different product designs before adding it to the inventory. So, they’re always coming out with the latest quality styles that evolve alongside the industry.


The Shell Shock Giveaway features some of Yo Dabba’s fan favorites including the Lil’ Chugger rig and the Cyclone Set which includes a beveled quartz banger, two quartz terp pearls, and a cylcone carb cap to get them spinning. If you have yet to try terp pearls, you’re in for a treat. This accessory is probably the most popular, and for good reason. Terp pearls bring a bunch of benefits to your dab sesh: they help retain heat, evenly distribute concentrates across the bucket, and look cool doing it. 

Stop into the shop and enter to win! Happy 710 from Shell Shock and Yo Dabba!

In case you were too busy dabbing and missed the link to the Yo Dabba Dabba products on our website, we got your right here.

Enroll in Dab U: https://yodabbadabba.com/dab-university/

Subscribe to the Yo Dabba YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/yodabbadabba

Follow us on Instagram: @yodabbadabbatools



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