Inventory Clearance Month

Inventory Clearance Month

Shell Shock Inventory Sale September Edmonton Canada

Fall has come and you know what that means, Shell Shock will be counting inventory, and in order to make it easy on us we are having a sale.  If you are the type to get those early xmas gifts, this is the sale for you. Friends birthday coming, great time for a gift.  For any reason September is a good time to blaze by a Shell Shock, or visit us online.

The online store will be having weekly sales on different products.  Join our email list or check back weekly to find out how much you can save 

Sept 1-8  Vaporizers

Sept 9-15  Rolling Papers

Sept 16-22  Smoking Accessories, including rollers, grinders and air fresheners

Sept 23-30 Glass Pipes and Glass bongs


If you are a local, and can drop into a Shell Shock location, we will be doing, Pick your Discount.  Pick your discount from are jar of savings.  Have a chance to win up to 30% off your purchase (some exceptions apply).  Pick from our jar, and have a chance to win 5%, 7%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25% or 30% off in store.  Stop in all September and play

Finally to top all the savings off, we will be having Mary Jane's Late Night Madness on Sept 25th and 26th.  We will be open 11am until 11pm those nights so that you can save up to 42% off pretty much everything in the store.  No excuses to miss this one, we are open late for you to shop.  Come on in and grab some awesome toking items, so that we don't have to count them