Meet our Neighbors in YEG

Meet our Neighbors in YEG

Since the beginning of our Shell Shock journey, we have definitely meet some real fantastic people.  We instantly made connections as we all have a dream in the Cannabis Industry of some sorts.  We want you all to meet our neighbors here in YEG as they help make our store extra cool with all they have to offer.


In case you didn't notice we sell a lot of glassware!  When you come into the store, your reaction maybe "Wow! You have so much to choose from".  That's because behind the scenes we have tons of great artists that continue to make us all that beautiful glassware.  We have quite a crew developing in YEG but we also support neighboring Canadians as well.  We have all sorts of glassware ranging from pendants, pipes,bongs, carb caps, bowls and then some. 

We always try our best to keep it local and support our fellow stoners where we can.  These brands also help make up our store in other ways than glassware.  These guys help keep it funky and fresh around here and help add a splash of weedy love around the store.

Be sure to check out these brands as well as they are from our beloved YEG and neighboring Canadians.  There are definitely homies missing from the list but we just have too many. 

Shine Glassworks, Samantics Glass, Hokey Pokey Glass, Brain Candy StudioPixie Glass, Glass AlchemyNotorious Glassworks, Anita's Designs Roach Clips and Dabbers, Masks by Erynn (in-store only), Ookeo Storage , Northern Lights Grinders, J-Grinders, Stonesmiths - Slash Pen


Fun Fact:

Did you even know that the Shell Shock Mystery Boxes and Countdown Calendars are printed right here in the city too!

We also carry this great book that is written and printed in Canada by two wonderful ladies!    This book was written with their intentions to help you make informed decisions about consuming Cannabis and to encourage safe experimentation to improve your health.

Thanks for keeping it local and your continued support. We couldn't be doing this without you all.  Don't forget to go visit some of YEG's gems on your way too and from Shell Shock.


Some of our fave foodie stops include:

Backstairs Burgers, Farrow's Sandwiches, Destination Donut, CareIt Urban Deli, Sweet Lollapalooza, Kind Ice Cream, Yelo'd, Northern Chicken, The High Dough

Some of our hidden gem stops include:

All Seasons Garden Center, The Silk Road Spice Merchant, Chateau Louis Liquor Store, The Wee Book Inn, Mars and Venus, When Pigs Fly, Doggy Style Deli, Metta Yoga, Balance Massage

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