King Palms Pre-Rolled Cones Surge in Global Popularity

King Palm Palm Leaf Cones


King Palm just dropped some new flavors and we are just so excited for them to arrive!  The Palm Wraps are definitely a crowd favorite for our customers, especially the Banana flavoured ones.  They also just released flavored tips for you to roll into any paper of your own too!

If you haven't heard of King Palm's before, be sure to check out this article below!  They were featured in Hightimes Magazine recently and are becoming a worldwide favorite.

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There are a ton of different kinds of pre-rolled cones available, but which are the best types? Learn what makes a smoking cone excellent versus one not so good. The folks over at KingPalm help us answer this question with further details below. They are a company that’s fairly new still, but has grown substantially in popularity with its natural pre-rolled leaf cones. King Palm has won competitions that include the 2017 Cannabis Cup, best blunt wraps on Weedmaps, and many more.

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Natural Pre-Rolled Leaf Cones

Most smoking cones are typically created from paper or hemp. However, a new type of pre-rolled cone gaining popularity is made from the Cordia leaf. King Palm has introduced a tobacco-free leaf that has slow and smooth burning properties. This product has gained a tremendous amount of popularity online too, and it shows with almost 300,000 people following their Instagram page. 

Their natural leaves are sourced from local farms located in Southeast Asia. They are free from chemicals and other harmful pesticides, making them one of the best options for smoking cannabis in.

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Hand-Rolled And Inspected For Quality

King Palm leaf cones are hand-rolled for you, so don’t worry about knowing how to roll. Packaging includes a bamboo stick to help with packing cannabis into the pre-rolled cone. They also have high-quality standards for ensuring every leaf cone is high quality. Packaging of five or more King Palm smoking cones come with a humidity control pack to prolong freshness. 

In case you’re wondering how to roll a blunt, they have an in-depth guide found on their blog. These high standards are part of the reason for King Palm’s popularity expanding outside the USA. 

King Palm may have started in the states, but they have customers ordering from Canada, Europe, Israel, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and more!  At Shell Shock we love all King Palms and always have a large selection on hand.


Best Weed Filter Tip

Most filter tips for joints are typically made from glass, paper, silicon, ceramic, and now with corn husk. This natural filter tip provides more benefits when smoking your cannabis. The first benefit is its ability to cool down the smoke as it enters through the filter. Squeezing or biting the filter tip will create a tighter draw, thus resulting in a smoother smoke. It also does an incredible job at preventing sticky resin from leaking through or loose pieces of herbs from falling out.

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A Better Type of Flavored Smoking Cone

King Palm changes the game with its new flavored filter tips which launched in 2020. Did you know that most companies are adding food-grade terpenes into their prefilled cartridges with THC oil? Most of the flavored smoking cones available today have flavor directly on the wrap, but King Palm brilliantly adds it inside the filter tip. They do so using food grade essential oil infused with terpenes. This is a more effective method to deliver the extra flavor to your cannabis, and it does a much better job than dipped papers. 

The flavor is released upon squeezing and popping the capsule in the corn husk filter. This method allows you control on when to release the flavor so that you can enjoy the taste from your cannabis first. It can create a wonderful surprise with a friend not aware of the flavor inside by activating it during mid-session. 


Courtesy of WeedLightMagic via Instagram

About King Palm

King Palm is a natural leaf cone company that you will want to keep an eye on because they are frequently introducing new and innovative pre-rolled cones since they launched in 2016. Their headquarters is in Ontario, California. Lastly, this company is using biodegradable material with its smoking cones. The biodegradable materials include the paper holding the leaf cone together, the corn husk filter tip, bamboo stick, and leaf. Their company mission is to provide the best natural leaf option for an elevated smoking experience, and they do that with excellence.


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