Glassware beyond pipes and bongs

Glassware beyond pipes and bongs

Did you know that Shell Shock carries a wide range of glassware beyond just pipes and bongs?  I know you're probably wondering what else would they possibly have in the pipe and bong store.  Well, let me fill you in on some of the glass goods that might tickle your fancy.  

Glass Pendants

Glass Pendant Tammy Baller Darby Shell Shock Edmonton Canada

Glass pendants are a great accessory for any occasion whether it be a fancy night out on the town or just your everyday style.  They are pretty unique as they are usually all handmade with love and good vibes.  A lot of thought and attention to detail go into these gorgeous mini pieces of art.  We have anything from tiny brooches,full glass chains, abstract, uv reactive, sparkly and everything in between. 
Glass Pendant Shell Shock Edmonton Canada  Glass Pendant Shell Shock Edmonton Canada


Ed Wolfe Glass Bottles

If you love glass as much as we do then of course you would want your olive oil in a custom hand blown bottle.  Feel extra elevated and add a special touch to your kitchen with one... trust me you won't be disappointed.  Not only are they beautiful but they are also easy to clean and most definitely dishwasher safe.

Ed Wolfe Got Glass Oil holder Shell Shock Edmonton Canada


Robert Bank Glass Incense Burner

If you love incense and glass then this should be on your wishlist.  Not only does it not look like a traditional incense burner but it changes color too.   All of Robert Bank's incense burners are made with fuming which gives it that color changing effect when the resins from the incense start to collect on the inner walls of the glass.

Robert Bank Incense burner Boro Shell Shock Edmonton


Come by and check out our awesome selection of  glassware or you can also view them here online.  If you are ever stumped on a gift for a stoner who has everything, we highly recommend one of these glassware items.  They will be beyond stoked and you can also feel great about adding something new to their collection!

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