Canada Day 420 Style!

Canada Day 420 Style!

Oh Cannabis! Our home and native trees...  What better way to celebrate Canada Day then with a new pipe made by one of your very own... a Canadian, eh!  I had a chance to catch up with some of our glass blowers while I was "oot and aboot".  Did you know at Shell Shock we carry a wide range of products made right here or in neighbouring towns and cities?  If you come shopping frequently you might have even run into one of our glassblowers dropping off a fresh batch of glass for the shelves.


Hokey Pokey Glass

Hokey Pokey Glass always keeps our stores looking fresh with all his fun colour combinations.  I'm always excited to see what goodies are in Eric's case as everything always makes me go "ooh....ah....".  You can't ever go wrong with any of his hand pipes, there is definitely one for everyone.  His love and inspiration for glass blowing comes from the near endless possibilities of glass art.  From exploring shapes, colours, patterns and textures ... it's an endless adventure.  Eric resides at Brain Candy Studio and the shop is always a hoot with Mr. Smee and Cathy Bates running around on their little 4 legs keeping everyone entertained.  When it comes to music it's just like home, taking turns with your brothers to play your tunes on the big speakers. Depending on the mood the music can range anywhere from ska, punk and maybe even a dash of hip-hop with the positive vibes.  When Eric is not in the studio he enjoys micro hoots of both dabs and weed. Bongs for the win!!  With that being said you've got to follow that up with some munchies ... a little sweet and salty remix.  I heard through the grapevine that BBQ chips and chocolate are a must have munchie combo.

Hokey Pokey Glass Pipes Carb Caps Shell Shock Edmonton Canada Hokey Pokey Glass Pipes Carb Caps Shell Shock Edmonton CanadaHokey Pokey Glass Pipes Carb Caps Shell Shock Edmonton Canada

Notorious Glassworks

Notorious Glassworks always makes an effort to come by the shop when they are town.  We haven't seen them as much lately as they moved to the other side of the Rocky Mountains and live in BC now.  Good thing we have a bunch of glass to look at around the shops when we are missing you guys! I love my mini rig and carb cap, they go everywhere with me.  When it comes to torch time, the love of cannabis and the freedom to create something for someone is the inspiration behind it all.  Also, the documentary Degenerate Art helped fuel that fire even more.  Notorious the mini pin keeps a tight shift at the shop making sure everyone is filling orders and ensuring their free time is spent cuddling him.  Notorious enjoys keeping it chill with Canadian Hip Hop like Merkules, DTG and Little Windex to name a few.  When it comes to safety meetings, bong hoots and dabs are the way to go.  Rumour has it Notorious has a sweet tooth for chocolate covered cherries if you know what's good! 

Notorious Glass Pipes Shell Shock Edmonton CanadaNotorious Glass Pipes Shell Shock Edmonton Canada

 Glass Alchemy

John from Glass Alchemy has been blowing glass since 1969 and still loves being behind the torch.  A Czechoslovakian gentleman showed him how to make an ornament back in the day and he hasn't stopped since.  John's shop is on an island in West Coast BC and is full of cool glass animal figures and other trinkets I can only imagine.  My personal favourite is the Sea Dragon pipe hands down!  Glass Alchemy is best known for their 5 hole built in screen, this pipe does wonders for weed and hash.  John says reggae music is the best when he is working, as the beat keeps correspondence with the turning of the glass.  When he is not behind the torch he enjoys playing guitar, rolling some big ol' joints, and eating mango cheesecake when the munchies hit.  Congratulations on your 50 years of glassblowing!

                            Glass Alchemy Glass Pipes Shell Shock Edmonton CanadaGlass Alchemy Glass Pipes Shell Shock Edmonton Canada


Shine Glass

Ryan from Shine Glassworks is east of us in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Go Jets!!!  In 2007 Ryan made a trip to Murano, Italy and was inspired by all the Venetian glass that drove his passion to the next level.  When he's not glass blowing Ryan is  busy with all his shop mates... two dogs, a cat, four goldfish, two oscars, a knife fish, and a huge pleco!  Ryan is also true to his hippy roots who loves to grow all kinds of veggies for his family.  When it comes down to grinding on the torch, music is definitely playing with artists like Bob Marley, DJ Shadow and Mojo Nixon.   You can find Shine Glassworks usually dabbing it up and bring him ice cream if you know what's good.

Shine Glass Canadian glass blower pipes bowls Shell Shock Edmonton CanadaShine Glass Canadian glass blower pipes bowls Shell Shock Edmonton Canada



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