Wowza Batman, new oil vaporizers

Dr. Kronic and the crew have gone to CHAMPS in Vegas and saw some of the new product coming down the pipeline to a Shell Shock nearest you. One of the most interesting and most talked about items out there was the new G-pen vaporizer. This nice little unit is about the size of a decent cigar, with a filling chamber and electronic component. The box also includes an awesome Skillet tool, two "wax" jars and all the needed chargers.
So you are wondering what makes this unit so blazin. First of all this is very simple to use. Just charge the battery, open the filling chamber and add your selected concentrates. You need to put a decent amount in, as the first time I tried I just put a few drop, and wasn't too successful. However I maybe added a 1/5th of a gram of oil and away we went. Just hit the on button and hold. After a few seconds you can take a really good hoot. That is basically the unit, very little fuss and all the hoots and oil connoisseur needs. We tested this unit all over Las Vegas and it was very easy to conceal and most people never even saw us. Very good for going out during the day, you can just pack it, toke it and do it all again. These fun little vaporizers should be available early March at all Shell Shock locations.